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    9 March 2021

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Do you have to check that the vehicle is insured, that you know which insurance company you work with and check its expiry date?

Do you want to check that the road tax is paid and when it is due?

Do you want to check that the latest version is available?

Do you want to check that there are no outstanding complaints about the number plate or chassis number?

With this program you can use any vehicle (car, motor vehicle, moped, truck) in the same way: you only need to enter the number plate or chassis number.

To check insurance and road tax, the following searches are currently supported.

  -Motor vehicles.

  - Motor vehicles ;




How to play

Basic functions

search for reports of theft or loss by chassis number.

search for reports of theft or loss by licence plate number.

Searching for vehicle tax payments by vehicle registration number.

Searching the insurance status of a vehicle by its licence plate number.

verification of the validity of a vehicle's insurance by licence plate number.

the history of searches conducted.

Advanced features

Voice input of numbers, dictation.

unlimited search history.

entering personal notes for each search.

organising the history.

removal of all advertising slogans.


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