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Shadowrocket, which we commonly call Little Rocket, is a rule-based network debugging tool with high performance and good stability, smooth usage and various functions, which only takes up the least system resources, takes over all connections in full and can be processed according to the rules, which can make you worry-free. It has a unique scenario mode, which is convenient to automatically switch configurations and nodes according to different needs. And it has a simple and more intuitive interface, you can easily find the relevant function options, and the price is low, the difficulty of getting started is low, perfect for newcomers to start using.

It can capture all HTTP / HTTPS / TCP traffic from any application on the device and then redirect it to a proxy server. And logs and displays HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests from iOS devices. Rules can also be configured using domain matching, domain suffixes, domain keywords, CIDR IP ranges and/or GeoIP lookups. And measure traffic usage and network speed over WiFi, cellular, direct and proxy connections.


How to play

In the first step you can add related nodes. Shadowrocket supports several ways to add nodes. When you open Shadowrocket, you can directly open the node links starting with ss:// and import the nodes automatically; using this import method, some websites can import all nodes with one click. This is also the principle that Workflow processes such as "Shadowrocket Free Node Get" can import nodes directly. If you have already copied a node link starting with ss:// and open Shadowrocket, it will ask if you want to add it. There are two other ways to add, you can scan the QR code to add, click the scan symbol in the upper right corner, you can open the camera to scan, or you can extract the QR code from the album to scan; this way is the most convenient, one click to complete. The third way is to manually input yourself, click on the + sign in the upper right corner, manually input the node information to add. It is suitable for use when you only know the node information. Therefore, a complete node must have four elements: server, port, password, and encryption method, none of which is necessary. In the Add Node screen, you can enter them one by one. About node editing and deleting, in the application home page, node list, click the exclamation mark on the right of the node, you can edit the node information, such as change the password, change the flag, etc. There is a yellow dot in front of the node, indicating the current selection of that node. Hold the node and slide it to the left, you can copy the node, display the node QR code, or delete the node. Note: Nodes that are in use cannot be deleted. Deleting multiple nodes is supported. Click the three-bar button above the node list to enter the node deletion sorting interface, and drag the three-bar button to the right of the node to sort the nodes. Check the nodes to delete them in batch. Suitable for quick deletion of nodes in case of multiple node failure. You can also perform node delay. In short, it's very simple and powerful!


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