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SHAREit is the fastest file transfer tool for cross-platform devices, with which you can share all kinds of files whenever and wherever.  The transfer speed of SHAREit can be as fast as 20M/s. Besides, it is compatible with all mainstream systems, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac. Choose SHAREit, the first choice of more than 400 million users worldwide, to complete your transfer easily and lightning fast! Features: No need for network. Speed can up to 20M/s, 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Transfer files cross mobile phones, tablets, desktops, Android, iPhone & Windows Phone. Easy, simple, and fast. Replicate contacts, messages, music, video, apps and other data from one phone to another. With SHAREit, you can transfer any file format: apps, games, photo, movie, music and documents. No charge for mobile data, network or cables. You can also share your files with multiple people - group sharing is easy and instant. SHAREit supports cross-platform sharing from Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC to Mac.


How to play

Transferring from phone to phone

1、To transfer files between different phones (either iPhone or Android), please make sure your phones have Joined the SHAREit App and are connected to the same Wi-Fi, open the App and you will see this screen below, I want to transfer photos from my phone to another phone, click "Transfer".

2. Select the file, photo or video you want to transfer.

3, press OK, the middle of the page is your current phone, the outer circle is the current detection of interconnected phones, directly tap its avatar, and then it will ask the other party whether they want to receive the file, the other party to determine the transfer to the other phone, very simple.

Transfer between cell phone and computer

1、First of all, please make sure your computer has Joined the desktop version of SHAREit (if you don't want to Join it, you can refer to the web version instruction below), and both your phone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

2, now open the app and click "Connect to PC" on the left column, we need to pair first. Then tap "Swipe to connect to computer".

3、Open the computer version of SHAREit program, it will appear QR Code, please scan the code screen with your phone directly.

4. After scanning, an avatar will appear at the bottom, which means the computer has detected your phone, tap the avatar to complete the pairing.

5、Go back to the mobile app, you will see the transfer screen between your phone and computer at the bottom left, since I want to transfer photos from my phone to computer, so tap "Transfer" and select photos. The screen will appear with the file you are transferring


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