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Shop brings all your online shopping details together in one place.

Better Access, Save on Shopping Shop lets you track the delivery of all your online purchases, including map tracking and real-time updates from cart to home.

The Store is right here no need to copy and paste package tracking or shipping codes, the Store takes care of it for you. You can also use the store without automatic tracking.

A better way to payA thoughtful way to pay for a secure, lightning-fast payment and checkout experience at over a million independent stores online. Stores remember and protect your personal information so you can fill out a shopping cart instead of a form.

Secure and worry-free Our servers meet the strict PCI compliance standards used to store credit card information. Your payment and personal details are encrypted from start to finish.

Securely expedite through the checkout at no extra cost Speed up securely through the checkout and protect yourself and your money when you choose "Pay in Store".

Share your billing and shipping information once, and use your email address to browse future purchases.

Our servers meet strict industry standards (PCI compliance) for storing credit and debit card information

every personal detail you share with Shop is encrypted end-to-end.

Keeping it all in one place

Shop automatically collects and tracks your orders, so you don't have to search, copy or paste. You can also use Shop without automatic tracking.


How to play

Discover new products from your favorite stores first.

Better tracking gets real-time delivery updates from cart to home in one place.

Better Shopping Love Local Shop makes it easy to discover and support independent businesses in your area, so you can buy locally made fashion, shoes, gifts and anything else while you stay at home.

Personalize the Tell Store You Want store to provide a personalized interface that ensures you are the first to discover, sell, trade and trend items. The store will also suggest new products you'll like based on your past order history, which is always relevant and never spammy.

Remember that the store keeps track of your current and past online shopping orders, receipts, and even the store's return policy.

Faster processing If you have questions about a purchase, Shop can connect you to your favorite independent store.

Faster processing Need to ask a question or return an item? With Shop, it's easy to meet policies and retailer requirements.

Remember the details to know what you ordered, when and where. Shop will organize all your previous orders and receipts.

Get personalized Tell Shop your favorite stores to get customized offerings with your favorite deals, trending items and recommendations.

Love Local is always a good time to support independent stores in your area. With Shop's local search feature, it's easy to find them and use their in-store pickup and delivery options.


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