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With this simple fasting and meal tracker app, keeping track of your eating habits has never been easier!
Learn how to fast and get simple health tips you can use with Simple, the intermittent fasting app. Intermittent fasting is the most popular, healthy, and effective weight-loss method and it’s trusted by hundreds of millions worldwide!

What is intermittent fasting (IF) and why can it help?
IF is the most ancient eating pattern known to humans and anyone can benefit from it. You alternate eating and fasting periods. For example, you fast during a 16-hour window and can then eat during 8 hours (16:8 fasting).

IF does not tell you what food you can’t eat or to count your calories. Instead, it simply asks that you eat zero calorie during a specific period each day.

This simple health app is worth it. Even short fasting periods (12 hours or more) may result in weight loss, improved metabolic flexibility, and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases. This small lifestyle change will enable you to reinstate normal processes in your body that you’ve lost due to frequent eating.


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You don't need to Join many fasting apps or have any knowledge of fasting. "Simply" will guide you and help you achieve your health goals. Simple is more than just a fasting tracker. It is an intermittent fasting app that will provide you with health, weight loss and cognitive performance.

This simple fasting app will prepare a program that will teach you about IF and help you to calculate your fasting time easily and effortlessly.

Simple helps you to quickly accomplish the following tasks.

-daily customised tips and life hacks

-Expert advice -Smart and flexible tracking

-Easily start/end fasts and set fasting reminders with just one click

-Step-by-step guide to intermittent fasting

-Tips for developing healthy eating habits

-Customised fasting programmes

-Easy to use meal log for your regular meals


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