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Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator that allows players to use a variety of different weapons to destroy planets.These include nuclear missiles, lasers, and asteroids.

As a well-made simulator program, Solar Smash is dedicated to creating a game experience that is realistic enough to allow players to experience the destruction of planets in a variety of different hostile environments from a realistic perspective. The game provides a variety of different natural crises, nuclear weapons, alien ships and mysterious creatures and many other different means.

Rather than being a game, it is more of a realistic simulator. First of all, the game does not have as many activities, gameplay and advertising settings as the free handheld games, there are not too many ads to affect the player's experience. Secondly, the game provides realistic art materials, whether it is the well-made Earth shape or the amazing alien creatures, the clever and exquisite graphics can bring the players a stunning visual enjoyment. Finally, the game uses the relevant data from the well-known NASA, NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute and other authoritative institutions, in an effort to restore a simulation of the experience of the environment.

Solar Smash" adopts a horizontal design style, the overall picture is simple, realistic and delicate, the precise screen shape and simple weapon icons form a sharp contrast, each operation of the player will cause different damage to the planet, and each damage will be accurately presented on the planet, not just cause some basic destruction. From the destruction of the surface, to the destruction of the core, the player will experience the whole process of a planet from complete to disappear.

This game contains flashing lights and may not be suitable for people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions. Players are advised to use their discretion.



How to play

Players can choose as many black holes, meteorites, asteroid swarms, nuclear bombs, alien ships, and mysterious creatures as their weapons to destroy planets. In addition to the basic Earth, the game provides players with a variety of different types of planets, even some high-tech planets with their own powerful energy shields. Thanks to the advantages of the game itself extremely high degree of restoration, each kind of weapons to destroy the planet can present a very realistic destruction effect, from the destruction of the surface to penetrate the core, the lush, blue Earth will be destroyed into the side of the dim, the core of the dead star, just need to point the player can be achieved.

1. update solar smash to the latest version to enable planet shield play.

2. click on a technological planet and select a planet on which you want to turn on shields.

3, destroy the planet with the destruction laser cannon, and then hit the planet with a meteorite.

4, hit a 3-5 times the planet will appear shield, then reset.

5, click on other planets, the corresponding planet will appear planet shield.

6, the planet shield can not withstand the huge energy, so still need to be used carefully.

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