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If you want to become an internationally renowned musician, you'll have to work hard to get the results you want! Tenuto is an application that fits your needs perfectly, it doesn't need the internet to be accessible, so if you are on the bus or relaxing in a cafe at the moment, you can always open it and continue your music training. When you get back home or somewhere near a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can send reports related to your practice progress to your teacher.

There are also 24 highly customizable exercises included in enuto so that not only will you learn some musical skills from it, but you will also enhance your musicality. From recognizing chords on the keyboard to recognizing intervals in the human ear, it provides you with an exercise. enuto also includes six music calculators for accidentals, intervals, scales, chords, analytical notation and a twelve-tone matrix. enuto's pages are very clean, without too much complication, and will look very comfortable on all Apple devices, and upon entering this application you will You can enjoy the clear and crisp motion graphics in both portrait and landscape orientation.

The app can be used by beginners to practice theory learned elsewhere. Although it does not include theory lessons, it does include many different types of customizable testing and practice tools. Some of the tools are not configured for beginners, and they can be overwhelming if you are just starting to use them. You can simply change the parameters to suit your skill level.

This is a great tool to keep improving yourself and it will continue to work. Hopefully it will become a best practice tool for music theory learners.


How to play

Musicians of any level, novice artists, music students, you should get to know this app! You can train yourself by adding a few minutes of ear training or visual reading training to your practice sessions, which will be priceless - you'll really be at the top of your game in terms of theory knowledge, playing with others, and more.

There is also a challenge mode in Tenuto which adds a time limit or question limit to your custom exercises. Challenge yourself to break the highest score you've ever scored before. A fully customizable list is available if you encounter any difficulties or surprises during your practice. You can perform custom exercises as a way to focus on your weak areas. Not only that, but notes, key signatures, intervals, scales, and chords can be identified and constructed; the identification can be done by clicking on the button corresponding to the written staff line. If C, E and G with sharp characters are displayed; click on the "Enhance Triad" button. The construction can be done by moving notes and/or adding unexpected content to construct the specified label. If C and the "Enhanced Fourth" label are displayed, move the second note to F and add a sharp note. The keyboard can be reversed by tapping the piano key corresponding to the note written on the clef.

Tenuto is one of the best audiovisual/ear training applications. It allows keyboard ear training, note ear training, and the ability to listen to played reference notes and problem notes. Select the piano key or note button that corresponds to the note in question. This can greatly improve the musicianship. And the pages have simplicity. There are no unnecessary embellishments, which allows you to act correctly. Instead of feeling overwhelmed. The keyboard and fretboard exercises are very responsive, so they don't slow things down at all. Each exercise has a practice mode and a challenge mode. Ear training is fun and you can try it out.

I hope you have a great musical score!


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