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Узнать Штрафы – Проверка и оплата штрафов ГИБДД


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    Узнать Штрафы – Проверка и оплата штрафов ГИБДД
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The Traffic Police Fines mobile application is an official service designed to check and pay fines for Class B vehicles (cars) in all regions of Russia, with photos and the location of the violation on a map. You no longer need to check information in the traffic police and traffic police databases, worry about overdue parking fines or traffic taxes, or obtain receipts at the registry office. Now your mobile phone will do all the work for you! How do I pay my transport fines and taxes? The app is very quick and easy, you only need to perform 4 steps to search and pay for car offences online: 1.

1. Check the official database of state agencies by vehicle number, driving licence or traffic police order. 2;

2. Enter your details and email address. 3; 

3. pay the existing transport tax or fine using a bank card.

 4. save the bank receipt after the payment has been made; all in one app!

In the navigation console, you can easily find the following functions.

✓ archiving of extinguished fines.

✓ unpaid fines.

✓ notification of traffic police updates.

✓ your account.

✓ transport tax.

✓ help and answers to questions; you will not forget the debt!


How to play

The possibility of receiving an accurate description of the traffic violation with a fixed photo of the car and the markings on the map and the coordinates of the traffic police department to issue you a fine.

the possibility to pay online with a 50% discount.

remind you of the arrival of the payment deadline.

sending a copy of the receipt to your mail or in the form of an SMS message.

informing the state about the payment (traffic police / traffic police / state treasury).

Confirmation of the payment of the fine.

You can always double-check the fines for your driver's license or car number.

Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard and Mir card and the statement contains detailed information about the tax and a clear description of the traffic violation: date, time and photo of the incident.

It is possible to redeem the car tax, traffic violation or parking fine within two business days.

If an error occurs during payment through our application, we will refund the full amount + commission amount.


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