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Latest Update: Walmart is now reserving an hour each day for pickup orders for shoppers most at risk for the coronavirus. The retail giant announced on April 14 that it is launching a "pickup hour" from 7 to 8 a.m. daily for customers over 60, those with disabilities and in high-risk groups for being vulnerable to COVID-19 as designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On March.6th, Walmart announced that they would gradually integrate Walmart Grocery into its flagship app Walmart Shopping, in order to provide customers an easier shopping experience. This integration would take place step by step, and hopefully Walmart Grocery would be deactivated by this summer. Walmart always has two shopping apps: the flagship app Walmart Shopping and Walmart Grocery, the former one provides everything but grocery, so customers will have to use two apps for different kinds of goods, and some may even not know the existence of Walmart Grocery. We will follow this and keep you informed of the latest update. Walmart Grocery store allows you to shop for groceries at the same low, in-store prices from your local Walmart with an online order. The products will be sent directly to your home, which couldn't be more convenient. Amid the outbreak of coronavirus social distancing, including going to a supermarket where close contacts with others could be hardly avoided, is highly recommended. In order to protect yourself and the people around you, order you Grocery  Key Features: Users can add items from the app and check out from another device. Users can search by department, brand or item type, to find thousands of products, like whole organic food items, baked goods, fresh produce, and so on. Many pickup and groceries delivery times are available. No mark-ups and hidden fees. Q&A Are grocery options limited? Not at all. From fresh produce, baked goods to quality meats and pantry staples, there are everything you'd expect. Your grocery will be kept in a temperature-controlled environment until pickup. What's the cost? Pickup is a free service. Grocery delivery is available in some areas and needs a reasonable delivery service fee. Users can open a Walmart Credit Card that will earn 3% cashback on all your purchases, or apply for a prepaid credit card with Walmart MoneyCard. How does it work? Firstly, create an account; Secondly, reserve a pickup or grocery delivery time, then build your basket. Finally, save your favorites for future orders. It's so easy. Are you ready for your online shopping?


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Take advantage of even more amazing features in our award-winning shopping app.

Shop anytime, anywhere

-Millions of items available for free shipping or pickup.

-Easily reorder your favorite items purchased online or in a brick-and-mortar store with just a few taps.

-Order, transfer and track prescriptions and refills.

-Find, create and manage baby registries.

-Send money without long waits or paperwork through Express Money Services.

-Free shipping on qualifying orders over $35.

-With Express Delivery, you can get what you need in two hours or less.

Shop Wisely In-Store

-Use store associates to save time shopping at your local Walmart.

-Save time by booking flu shot appointments through our new online scheduler.

-Use Walmart Pay for contactless checkout.

-Find items quickly and roll back using Store Map.

-Create lists for each situation. Add collaborators and find items in-store.

Fresh groceries and more 

-Choose grocery delivery or curbside pickup. 

-Reserve the time that works best for you. 

-We'll do the grocery shopping. 

-No markups or hidden fees.


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