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The application offers the following features (free version).

-An overview of the current warning situation in Germany up to the community level

-Detailed information on the warning situation for selected locations via official warnings (including warning trends)

-Configurable warning elements and warning levels

-Configurable warnings via the live alert function (push)

-Toggleable severe weather events (thunderstorms, heavy snow, wet weather) when located via mobile devices

Toggleable alerts for severe weather events (thunderstorms, heavy snow, wet weather) when located via mobile devices -Toggleable alert function when the alert situation changes on site

-Social media sharing for sharing information from the following locations in the WarnWetter app, e.g. via Facebook, Twitter or email

-Warning about natural disasters (floods, storm surges and avalanches)

-Forecast tracks for thunderstorm units

-Inland lakes of the Bavarian Lakes

Warning -Video messages in case of special storms

-Other features such as widgets, sound selection, etc.

-Configurable start page for your preferred product (version 3.0 onwards)

The application can be upgraded to a full version with the following features that can be extended.

-Display of current values and forecasts up to 7 days in advance.

-Precipitation (radar, model forecasts)

-clouds (satellite

data, model predictions) -Lightning (lightning position, predictions)

-Wind (model prediction)

-Temperature (model)

-Location-dependent weather values (weather stations and forecast points) )

-In the map area (version 2.0, full version for a fee)...

-... The past to future time control makes it easy to select different data without having to switch between "current" and "foreground".

-... Arrange and combine data on weather elements (rain, clouds, temperature, wind, etc.) as required.

-... In addition, the current values and forecasts for each place (weather conditions, temperature, can be activated by wind, precipitation)

-Waldbrandgefahren- and meadow fire index

-Information on heat sensation and increased UV intensity

-Model forecasts for warning-related events (e.g. storms, continuous or heavy precipitation)

-Display of user reports about various weather events (thunderstorms, winds, tornadoes, etc.), as well as the option to add photos and add photos


How to play

In the map section: different data can be easily selected from the past to the future using the time control. Data can be easily sorted by weather elements (precipitation, clouds, temperature, wind) and can be combined as desired. It is also possible to activate other current weather values and weather forecasts from various locations (weather conditions, temperature, wind, precipitation).

-Displays current weather values and forecasts up to 7 days in advance.

-Precipitation is divided into rain, snow, sleet and hail (radar, model forecasts).

-Cloud (satellite data, model forecasts).

-Lightning (lightning location, forecasts).

-Wind (model forecasts).

-Temperature (model forecasts).

-Location-based weather values (weather stations and model forecast points).


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