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Yahoo Mail is all-new designed for mobile devices! It's available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Great new features include elegant interface, high-speed search experience, password-free login, and more. Besides, users can access all the mailboxes from Yahoo, Outlook, Google, and AOL. With the 1000GB free cloud storage that Yahoo Mail offers, users can no longer worry about the space problem to save emails and files. The new Yahoo Mail mobile app makes it much easier and happier to use email services. The new-designed Yahoo Mail support quick actions now, users can swipe to delete, mark as read and more. Users can easily switch multiple mail accounts among Yahoo, Google, Outlook and AOL. Besides, Yahoo Mail app provides fast searching experience to help you find contacts, messages, photos and files. STANDOUT FEATURES While writing an email, you can now add kinds of attachments like photos, sounds, videos or other documents. If you want to delete several emails at once, just press and hold a message to select more emails. Then you can delete them all. Whole-new outstanding and customizable interface. Users can also choose backgrounds, text colors and different themes for the inbox. Find it difficult to say in words? Well, say it with a GIF! The Yahoo Mail app now supports sending animated GIFs. Users can send kinds of funny memes to their friends and family. Users can get the latest news from Yahoo or Yahoo Magazine directly from the app, making sure you won't miss anything special that happens around the every corner of the world. WHAT'S MORE You can use your fingerprint or set a password to open the Yahoo Mail to protect your privacy. The inside links in the inbox are well enhanced - now you can see the preview of a web page or a video clip in the body part.


How to play

Sending attachments with Yahoo Mail

To attach one or more files to a message you've composed in Yahoo Mail.

Click the Attach File paperclip icon in the Messages toolbar at the bottom of the screen

Make your selection from the menu that appears. Choices include Share files from cloud provider , Add photos from recent emails , and Attach files from computer .

Find and highlight all files to attach to the Browser File Selector dialog box. You can highlight multiple files in a dialog box, or you can reuse the attach file icon to connect multiple documents.

Click Select .

Compose your message and send an e-mail.

Send Attachments with Yahoo Mail Basic

Use Yahoo Mail Basic to attach files from your computer to an e-mail message.

When composing an e-mail message in Yahoo Mail Basic, click Attach Files next to the subject line .

For up to five documents, click Select Files .

Locate and highlight the file you want to attach.

Click Select or OK .

Click Attach File .

Sending attachments with Yahoo Mail Classic

Send any file as an attachment using an email in Yahoo Mail Classic .

When composing an email, follow the Attachment File link.

Select Browse to select a file to attach to your computer.

Click Attach File .

To add more files, select Attach More Files . Yahoo Mail Classic grabs the files from your computer and attaches them to the message you are composing. In addition, each file you attach is automatically scanned for known viruses.

Select Done to close the Attachments window and return to the Message Composition page.


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