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True Skateboard is a fun game, the game uses exquisite painting style to build, to bring you the most realistic game experience, simple and easy to learn game play, you will be our first perspective to challenge, control to complete a variety of difficult game operations, and a wealth of game tasks, waiting for you to freely open the challenge journey, rich game map and so on you to challenge!

When playing this game, you must keep in mind the word "real", imagine that you are really skateboarding, imagine that your fingers are your feet. So when operating the skateboard, do not scratch the screen, imagine that you are really stepping on the skateboard. Because no one will step on the skateboard, the scope of operation is relatively small, so you should not operate beyond the skateboard itself. Here you will create a real world of skateboarding! Realistic touch-based physics features provide an authentic skateboarding experience. Hurry up and join us to unlock all the missions and the huge game map waiting for you to challenge freely!


How to play

The game is done in the first view, you will control the character to complete a variety of magnificent operations! Pass our many obstacles and successfully reach our exact game position to complete the challenge! 

Those who have played skateboarding know that one foot is on the skateboard and the other foot slides backwards in order to move forward. By the same token, sliding backwards is required on the side of the skateboard.

Turning is the process of moving forward in the middle of the skateboard screen and sliding gently to the left or right, the exact size of the turn depends on your sliding range.

The forward and turn in the game mimics the movement of the feet, and instead of paddling forward, the forward is sliding backwards next to the skateboard." Step" skate is a light slide to the left or right in the middle of the skateboard screen, the exact size depends on your skating range. Also, the "step" skate is a turn on the middle side of the skateboard, mainly to have a slight stroke and manipulate the skateboard to change direction.

Jumping and landing action is in the "step" skateboard rear warp, I believe that friends who have played skateboarding will not be unfamiliar. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the front of the "step" skateboard landing, do a lot of movements to remember to land, otherwise it is easy to "flip".

Want to understand how the inverted board is to exercise the action, inverted board is not backwards oh, is a person and skateboard together jump into the air, so that the skateboard to a big rotation. There are two methods, one is the first jump directly after the "step", and then the front section of the skateboard rotation turn. The second is to "step" directly diagonally on the back end of the skateboard, to use a little sliding action.

The game has a large number of game levels, each level is very challenging, join us to complete them brilliantly! 


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