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With the aim of the game to be the last player standing in the familiar Battle Royale themed game, Garena Free Fire is a mobile game aimed at mature audiences. The age rating for downloads on the iOS App Store is 17+, and this is because in order to win, you need to kill everyone else. 

Garena Free Fire is a competitor to games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, so it will feel familiar to those who have played this type of game. Designed specifically for use on mobile, it is available on Android and iOS, with a Free Fire MAX available, with improved graphics and a more immersive experience (like being able to craft your environment). 

The basic gameplay of Garena Free Fire starts with you and your chosen character in a lobby with up to 49 other players. You are in an airplane, and need to parachute out onto a remote island. 

You choose where you want to land, and then the aim of the game is to be the last one standing. You cna choose to play solo or as part of a squad - and with squad games, you have access to in-game voice chat so you can discuss tactics and work together. 

You will need to search buildings for weapons and other items, and watch out for other players at all times. You can drive vehicles to get to different locations. 

Throughout the game, you need to avoid airstrikes, but keep an eye out for airdrops which can contain valuable equipment like rare and powerful weaponry.

Each round only last ten minutes, and the playable game area shrinks as time goes on, forcing players to get closer to one another. To survive, users need to hide well, ambush, and snipe other players before they get killed themselves. 

Other gameplay options include Clash Squad, a squad v squad match, where two teams of four users take part in a number of battles to see who is the best. Users can choose a more relaxed version of the game called Pet Rumble, where instead of human characters you can choose from several cute animals who all have special skills that might come in handy to help you win. 

There are special event gameplay versions that happen, but these are not always available.

The characterization of the avatars in Free Fire is in-depth and interesting; each playable character has a unique backstory that comes with specific motivation, and some are even based on real-life people. There are plenty of weapons to choose from (although you will have to loot the bodies of other players and search buildings to find them), including pistols, shotguns, machine guns and even rocket launchers. Melee weapons will do in a pinch! 

The graphics and mechanics are built for mobile users, and while they might not be the cinematic masterpieces of next-gen consoles they are clear and look good on the smaller screens of a smartphone. The gameplay itself is simple, and it is easy to understand exactly what to do and how to play - so beginners can get stuck in straight away.


How to play

All the guns and materials in your eyes are for everyone. So it's perfectly okay for you to go looting if you dare. You can even drive around this desolate place and try to ambush other players to get the necessary resources you need to survive. You may think this is immoral. But if you want to keep yourself alive, you need to get rid of all ideas about morality, mercy and even humanity. You can do anything that will keep you alive. In addition, this is a very classic survival game. You have no reason to give up before the last minute because until the last minute, no one knows who will be the last survivor. You just need to focus on your survival job, forget about time and all the humane rules.

You can play different roles. For example, you can be a police officer, a soldier, a bodyguard, or even a high school student. Each professional role has its own special skills. Different skills will give you space to choose different survival skills in different situations. So you'd better explore the unique backstories of the different characters in depth beforehand in order to develop appropriate tactics and strategies. There are three modes to choose from in the game. So even if you don't have enough time, you can still enjoy this exciting survival at odd hours now and then. Pick up your phone and finish a battle in 10 minutes. And in Quick Battle mode, you can try to work with your teammates and enjoy those battles to become a champion. So as you can see, everything here is unpredictable. No one knows what will happen next. It takes some luck to be the last survivor. That's what makes this game so much fun. The diverse gameplay and mysterious storyline will always satisfy different survival desires. You can get different gaming experience in different modes.


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