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Roblox is a gaming platform that offers varied experiences, different types of gameplay, and an environment that users can visit to become part of the ultimate virtual multiverse. The Roblox Corporation officially launched Roblox in 2006, and since then it has grown to become a global phenomenon, played by kids and adults alike. 

With every game user created - and tens of millions of experiences available - as a player you can experience life working in a pizza parlor then take on an army in a first-person shooter.

Every game or experience has been created by users through the Roblox Studio, which is a game creation engine based on a programming language called Lua. Creators have access to guides and instruction manuals, allowing them to create environments and experiences that are more open and free than those in Minecraft or other pixel games. 

You can download Roblox for free on your smartphone (iOS and Android), on your tablet or PC, and it is also available for Xbox. You can even get the full VR experience through Oculus Rift! There is in-game currency called Robux that you can buy using real currency, and this enables users to make microtransactions (like buying clothes or accessories) and enter some games. 

The emphasis in Roblox is on community and unstructured play. In most cases, the games are not about skill or 'winning' - they are built for the experience. When you log in to the game, you are presented with what is essentially a storefront - different worlds that you can enter and play, and leave when you want. 

The chat function allows users to communicate in game, and add friends too. The experiences are not all games with a way to win - one of the most popular games is called Brookfield, and it is essentially a life simulation experience where you are given a car and a house, and left to it. 

There are some games in the platform, such as clones of mainstream games (Jailbreak as a version of Grand Theft Auto, Theme Park Tycoon, etc). You can play horror games like Piggy, be a treasure hunter, shoot zombies, or be a ninja. There are tower defense games, experiences where you need to run a restaurant, work the fashion runway as a model, and games where you have to complete an obstacle course. 

In fact, obstacle courses are one of the more popular game types, apart from the role-playing games (RPGs) on the platform. In Roblox lore, obstacle games are affectionately known as 'obbys', and they can be themed in almost every way imaginable - from McDonald's to jumping through clouds. 

Roblox, in most cases, is marked with a 10+ age rating. The Roblox Corporation have made it easy for parents to monitor and control what their children have access to on the platform - with certain things restricted by the age of the user anyway. This includes the chat function - under 12s have posts and chats filtered, so they cannot share or see anything inappropriate, and nothing personal (so no real names, addresses, or phone numbers). Parents can also choose to protect settings with a PIN, and there is a robust block and report option for users who try to be inappropriate in any way.

This online gaming and experience platform is still growing and developing, and Roblox is an exciting place for children and adults to play, learn, and relax together.


How to play

Roblox is a sandbox game with a high degree of freedom. You can play games made by other players, or you can choose to create your own games. There is a huge variety of costumes (most of which have to be purchased with robux) and a wide range of different actions.

Players first need to create an avatar, and you can use your own avatar in all games on roblox for as long as you need.

Players can communicate, cooperate and even compete with game enthusiasts from all over the world in a variety of scenarios.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand minds, and thousands of brainy games in the hands of millions of game creators.

If you are not willing to be just a gamer, then you can choose to create a project.

Clicking on start creating will Join a roblox studio creation studio software.


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