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PUBG MOBILE - Mad Miramar is a very popular Jedi Battle Royale game that starts with one hundred real players being taken to an island in a group plane to start your survival game where you have to fight to the death until only one person survives.

In this game you have to find substances in order to survive and shoot your enemies in this game with a gun.

You are free to shoot your enemies as you like, but you have to ensure your own life, when the game appears the last surviving player or team, the game will end, and the player or team that survives to the end will get the first place title. So survival is the key in this game.

The game also has a realistic shooting sound, so you can feel the real presence of the game at the same time.


How to play

The game starts with surviving in a large enclosed place and becoming the only survivor, in which you need a lot of weapons, vehicles and equipment. You can search the buildings in the game to get your ideal equipment, then you can also drive a vehicle to escape the danger zone, you can also equip your gun with a telescope to help you shoot better, use the first aid kit at the right time, climb over the wall to escape, etc. You still need to run, crawl, and aim manually in the game. Then in the use of these tools, defeat all the opponents in the game.

To be the last survivor, you have to quickly explore the map, find the best and the most suitable weapons and equipment for you, and finish off the other survivors in the game. Finish off the other players in the game, before they finish you off of course. 

  Not only that, but the game displays your location information on the map and the increasing number of casualties on the island. In addition, there is an item management system. As time passes, the map becomes smaller and smaller the environment for survival becomes smaller and smaller, so the battles become more and more intense.


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