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The game revolves around the development of a story about the battle between good and evil, in the vast lands of Dominion, everywhere is a thriving, vibrant scene. But then came the forces of evil, led by the Great Evil, bent on conquering this perfect world. His army is exceptionally powerful and cruel, and it is time for someone to stand up and stop this chaos and become the guardian of Dominion. Quickly form your league of heroes, train and upgrade them and make them invincible! You must play as a hero who can gather a team of mercenaries and try to win the right to rule from the evil and rule the peace so that the villagers can live a happy life.

Now, your task is to reclaim the encroached lands from the evil forces of the Great Evil. Rely on a loyal army, the game has a variety of different hero skills, the freedom to choose, and constantly train their heroes, so that they have more powerful skills, a unique campaign and adventure gameplay, combat strategy and sense of fun in one. With the familiar hero collection, raising and equipment forging, epic plot level battles as the core gameplay. So lead your army to victory and bring peace back to Dominion. Join us soon to feel the equipment role inside the game which is all randomly decided by you.


How to play

The game gives you the freedom to train your own lineup, build your own clans and alliances; to constantly upgrade and make your lineup with more powerful characters. There are many heroes for you to collect and train, but heroes will take you a lot of time to collect more heroes and to train them, all of which require a lot of investment, and is a game where battle strategy and sense of fun are combined into one.

With the familiar hero collection, raising and equipment forging, epic plot level battle as the core gameplay. Powerful castle function, equipment, props, skills can be physically produced from the building, multiple hero characters, a variety of hero skills, arbitrary hero combination settings, activation of a variety of different hero lineup effects, lineup effects refers to your lineup in the specified combination of heroes generated by the passive effect, activation of lineup effects will make their heroes more powerful. Lineups with higher combat power will get a head start in battles with you. If more than one lineup effect is activated at the same time, you can choose one of them to make it effective. Active skills can be cast in battle, and passive skills add value.

The more active skills a hero has, the greater the chance of casting them in battle.

When using a skill that corresponds to a skill already mastered by the hero, there is a chance that the skill will be upgraded. Heroes can gain this power by conducting individual and group raids with powerful leaders.

Come prove your abilities, take the title and join us to play the game! 


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