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Minecraft manufactured by Mojang is an immensely popular game among 7-13-year-olds. Kids love to explore, problem-solve, and create on their own. Minecraft gives them the space and ability to do so.

Available to play on Andriod and IOS devices, virtual reality platforms, Nintendo Switch, Xbox series and Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and across Windows PC.

from dragon slaying to castle building and mining caves, players can get lost in the creation of almost anything they can think up. Like all sandbox games, players don't need to follow a storyline. Free to use their imagination, they get to create their own world.

Players can choose from three modes to play in. Pick the creative mode to enter a world with infinite resources or forge armor and weapons to defend yourself against deadly mobs in survival mode. Adventure mode keeps you on your toes continually monitoring your health stats as you battle hostile creatures while scouring the earth on downloadable maps which are created by other players.

In survival mode, the game starts off in an empty world. The players must make a shelter for the night to protect themselves against danger. The next morning they are able to begin building and crafting simple homes or grand castles. 

From chopping down trees to collect wood for their project to mining diamonds and whatnot this game is whatever you make it into, literally. Alongside Roblox, Minecraft is one of the top sandbox games in the world and like other pixel games, kids are loving it. 

There are a few features that make the game more interesting such as slash commands that allow you to change the way the game plays. Change the time of day, give things away and summon the mob. There's an option to purchase a variety of items from favorite creators on the marketplace, which give players the chance to expand the game even further. 

It can be played alone or with friends on Realm where up to 10 players are allowed. Don't have 10 players? You can play with 4 with a free Xbox Live account online. 

Players must craft tools to make digging, foraging, and building easier. From pickaxes to shovels, there are a lot of things you need in order to survive out there. 

Once a shelter has been built, you'll need a bed, a chest for food, a stove to cook on, and many other items. You're not just crafting, creating, and building, you're living an entire life in this game with all the day-to-day necessities you would need in the real world.

Having a bed makes it so that you no longer have to wait for the night to pass and if you die in the game, you respawn and wake up in your bed, ready to start where you left off. 

After building your basic necessities, what you do from there is up to you. Mine for diamonds and precious jewels. Explore the world to find villages to trade your treasures with. Loot old structures to find gear. The options are endless!


How to play

When the user starts a new game, the player is placed in a random or designated seed world with an empty item bar. The player has a life bar of 10 hearts (i.e. 20 life points) and is subject to damage from hostile creatures, neutral creatures, and other players, which varies by difficulty. Lifebars can be restored naturally (only while hungry) or by drinking specific potions (unconditionally in peaceful mode). Hunger is also a non-peace mode indicator that gradually depletes over time and increases when sprinting. Food restores hunger levels. 

The game character "Steve" has a base attack power: 1; life span: 20; armor: custom, Steve is the first user-operated character. Appearing in the second beta and subsequent versions, Steve is referred to as a human and can only run around the block in an almost twitchy manner. The default player name is "Steve". The default player's skin is brown hair and blue-violet eyes, wearing a blue shirt, jeans, and gray and black shoes.

Alex is a female character from the 1.8 update and the 0.11.0 beta PE version. The gender of the female can be determined by looking at her front side through the blonde braid, and looking at her back will reveal a small arm frame. The default for pirate users is Alex after 1.8. The transliteration of Alex varies, here Alex is a common translation, there are also transliteration of Alex, etc.

The game also allows you to design and explore the entire world without limits, from simple houses to castles, from nothing to something, all from your imagination. You can build a beautiful garden, grow all kinds of flowers and trees in it, take a dip in the wide swimming pool with your friends on hot summer days, raise some of your favorite animals on the farm, and much more. You can even grow some food and make some tools.

In survival mode you can explore deeper, find some gold and diamonds, make some weapons and armor to defend against dangerous creatures and prevent them from attacking your house, these weapons can protect you and you can do everything possible to make as many useful weapons and collect some useful resources.

The most touching thing is that the game has a creation mode where you will have unlimited resources, can fly and you can use this mode to build large buildings without worrying about running out of resources.

You can also invite unlimited friends to play with you and can design amazing buildings together, which is also a great experience.

If you are not satisfied with the real world, then you must come to Minecraft, where you will have unlimited freedom to start a new life and everything will be nice and fun!


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