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Choose your life. Choose a good education, to marry the love your life, have kids, have a well-paid job, and become a model citizen. Or choose to cheat on your spouse, smuggle duffle bags, start prison riots, and descend into a life of crime. In BitLife, You are allowed to have multiple choices and experience different lives. Once you make a choice, you will be excited to see the consequences arising from your choice! 


 • BitLife contains infrequent adult content and is rated 17+.

 • BitLife contains ads and offers in-app purchases.


How to play

Military Deployment

The military deployment features in BitLife are the same as they are in real life. If you are a member of the military, you will deploy to different locations throughout your career. Now, the same thing happens in BitLife.

You can deploy to any location in BitLife - including the ocean. This should make your BitLife more interesting than the norm.

Planning a family

Don't want children? Well, now that's an option, because fertility has arrived in BitLife! You can now use a variety of different options to prevent unwanted babies - and maybe some nasty sexual diseases.

Pregnancy Logic Overhaul

Considering how the male human body works, it's a bit strange that fathers can only have one child per year in BitLife. Well, that's gone now, as fathers can now have more than one child per year. Go breed!

Long-distance relationships

In the real world, you can date someone anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Now that this feature has arrived on BitLife, you are no longer limited to the occasional chance encounter with someone who happens to be nearby, and can go online to find true love.


Feeling generous? Well, you can now share gifts with your family in BitLife. This should help you keep that difficult relationship going - you know the one we're talking about.

Family holidays and migration

This is an interesting new feature: when you were a child, your parents might have started taking you on holiday, allowing you to explore the world from a younger age than ever before.

Not only that, but they may emigrate altogether. If you are happy with the country you were born in, this could work in your favour. However, it should lead to some exciting new encounters.

Dark mode

No, Dark Mode doesn't make you a Sith - don't get your hopes up. What it does do is flip the game's colour scheme, turning all white into black and red into blue. This will help save your eyes during late night games.

To enable dark mode, simply click on the three rows in the top left corner of the screen, scroll down to settings and tick the box next to dark mode to turn it on.

Advanced users

Premium users do not allow you to use the force, no. What is the problem with all Star Wars issues? It works by reducing the amount of power BitLife consumes when it is turned on to help you save battery power. This is very useful when you're running low on juice or know that you won't be able to use your charger for a while. Now there's nothing stopping you from playing with BitLife!

To enable it, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen, select "Settings" and then tick the box next to "Advanced users".

Family Gatherings

BitLife now lets you bring all your family members together so you can fill those relationships in one fell swoop. This could get awkward.


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