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    25 August 2021

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Cookie Run is a parkour game that is currently split into KakaoTalk as well as an Oven Run version. The story revolves around life-giving gingerbread men who want to escape being eaten by a witch and therefore discuss a series of plans to get out of the oven by jumping or sliding bases and dodging obstacles.

The popular runner game is on!

Are you ready?

Help the cute biscuit escape from the witch's oven.

Let's go on an adventure together!

# Jump and slide to get jelly or dodge obstacles!

# Collect over 200 different kinds of biscuits and pets! New biscuits and pets every month!

# Upgrade your cookies, pets and treasures to create high scores and become even more powerful!

# A whole host of events! You'll be rewarded with a whole host of great prizes!

# A variety of game content that you can't get enough of!

Escape Mission Mode: Run in relay using a variety of biscuits

Trophy Race: Compete with players from around the world to win trophies!

Biscuit Challenge Camp: Take on challenges in levels specially prepared for biscuits!

Champions League: A battleground where the best gather!

Memory Island: The island where the biscuits find their memories!


How to play

The game is played horizontally, moving from left to right, with Jump at the bottom left of the screen and Slide at the bottom right, using both Jump and Slide buttons to control the Gingerbread Man to avoid obstacles and collect jelly to accumulate points.

Original version

Each gingerbread man or pet can be upgraded upwards, currently up to level 8, and each gingerbread man has different properties and advantages. Gingerbread men can be acquired by reaching the mission objective in the game, and when a specific gingerbread man is unlocked, it can be purchased from diamonds to silver. Pets can also have different effects when paired with specific Gingerbread Men. The right combination of Gingerbread Men, pets and treasures can improve your score and your ability to avoid obstacles.

Oven Escape

Each Gingerbread Man can be upgraded to a maximum of 15, and each pet's ability is enhanced by its breeding level. However, each gingerbread man has a limited number of runs, and the lower the level, the more runs it can make. After running, it has to rest and wait until the time is up before it can continue running.


The original version of the treasure is also divided into four classes, and its class is divided into Purple S>Yellow A>Blue B>Grey C. The way to obtain the original version of the treasure can be obtained from treasure chests, events, full level of biscuits, full level of pets, etc. ...... The treasures in the Great Escape version are divided into good, excellent and special grades, with the highest grade being 12. Later on, treasure gilding was introduced to increase the effect of additional treasures, which can be obtained from events and special treasure chests. Each treasure has a different effect, and the right combination of gingerbread man, pets and treasures can improve your score and your ability to avoid obstacles.


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