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    30 August 2021

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    Free Actions
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Are you a fan of FPS, Cover Strike (CS) is a 3d fps offline team shooter designed for FPS fans. Join the fight with your team now and destroy all your enemies. Completely free!

New maps, new weapons, new game modes await you in this incredible action game where terrorists and your team don't fight to live, they fight to die.

Key features

√ Over 20 skinned modern guns such as the Desert Eagle, AK47, M4A1, AWP, GATLIN and more

√ Realistic 3D graphics and cool animations

√ A wide range of maps with different tactics

√ Easy to play and smooth controls

√ Completely offline so you can play anywhere, anytime

√ Perfectly optimised, even for weak devices!

In the game Cover Strike, players will try to complete the levels in the game and improve their skills. In addition, the game has been specifically tuned to ensure the player's experience when using weapons and moving through the different levels. Through simple gameplay, players will be able to entertain themselves effectively.

In the newly updated version, players will be able to find some changes in the game related to weapons and scenarios. It can be said that both the AK-47 and Gatling weapons have been optimised for players in some way, making it easier for them to get to grips with the gameplay and adapt to the levels in the game. At the same time, the character and scenario design has been optimised to give the player a feeling of being drawn into the game and not being able to stop paying attention.


How to play

In the game, the player will control the character and engage in inspiring levels that anyone will enjoy. This is an FPS game that requires a lot of character control skills as the player completely completes all the actions in this game. As such, they will spend time working their way through the levels of this game to improve their skills. Also, there will be plenty of elements to make you more accessible in Cover Strike to ensure their entertainment experience.

One feature that players need to be aware of is that this game is experienced in an offline mode. In other words, players can play from anywhere with the dangerous enemies they will face. At the same time, players can experience the game as they wish and the upgraded elements of the game will eventually satisfy their entertainment needs. So it's something to keep you entertained and you'll always be challenged.

Collecting weapons

When you've experienced an FPS game, you're bound to be intrigued by the weapons they come into contact with in the game. Each type of gun has its own unique characteristics that players need to be aware of and try to collect. At the same time, weapon collections tend to be linked to the skills used to use them, because of the fact that players who unlock them tend to put them through their paces in dramatic matches. Experience what they can do.

Try to complete the levels

You will take part in matches in Cover Strike and try to complete the level's missions. Most of the game's missions involve trying to take down a certain number of enemies. Also, this is perfectly understandable, but players need to be careful as you only have 100 HP units and can be attacked at any time. So, during the game you need to stay awake and use all the advantages around you to hide and attack enemies instantly.

Another feature you may like is the number of maps you can access. Levels do not encapsulate individual levels, so sometimes you can move around and fit in certain levels. Also, you can choose your strategy in the game depending on whether your weapon is a sniper or a rifle. As a result, during the experience, players will try to overcome levels and show their skills with the best performance.


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