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Wei Li


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    April 21, 2021

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    Wei Li
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Are you a FPS fan, Cover Strike(CS) is a 3d fps offline team shooter designed for FPS fans. Join the battle with your team now and destroy all the enemies. Completely free to play!

New maps, new weapons, and new game modes await you in this incredible action game where terrorists and your team don't fight to live, they fight to die.

Enjoy all the realistic 3D graphics and cool vivid animations are a feast for the eyes. You will never feel bored. Everything feels so amazing. You will feel the passion and power. There are many maps with different strategies. And all the missions contained in different maps have their distinctive features.



How to play

This is a wonderful shooting game, this game gives you the opportunity to try all types of guns, including snipers, and it feels like you are shooting real guns. Join the fierce battles with your best friends and destroy all the enemies through teamwork, it's really fun and exciting. It is very important for you to fight against the enemies with your teammates. As a lone wolf, you will never be able to finish your job. Believe me, exploring this new world with your best friend is more fun than fighting alone. So when necessary, remember to cover your teammate's back and protect each other when you find your teammate in danger. 

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