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    September 16, 2021

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Craft and explore endlessly expansive worlds!

Freely create and build new lands and discover new realms full of epic cube based buildings and interesting characters to interact with! Travel through epic worlds that you can shape and build as you wish!

Experience thrilling adventures as you explore and discover new places across a vast land, all filled with incredible creative possibilities! Dive into a whole new world of crafting and build your own adventures and stories in a game perfect for creative kids!

Make blocks and build anything you can imagine in a vast and fully explorable sandbox world! Build and craft houses, castles, forts, villages or even entire cities or your own crafting domain!


Explore a vast world full of epic architecture!

Travel around the world and land freely! There's no building you can't get on!

Build and craft anything!

Create your own houses, castles, villages and cities. Let your creativity out!

Play the game using a simple interface and easily build your dreams!

Interact with fun cube characters, animals and pets!

Create your own stories and adventures while exploring a diverse sandbox world!

Play with as many blocks and place cubes as you like!

Explore, create, craft and build with different tools!

Combine your building skills with simple and fun building mechanics and use your imagination to create your own lands and realms!

Endless fun for kids and all creative and cunning minds!

Explore all the building possibilities and use your blocks and cubes through free and creative games!

Explore the whole realm of free crafting and building fun and discover every nook and cranny of the vast and exotic world! Build your own way to play and fly around an incredible land of crafting cubes and blocks!

Make the most of the easy and fun building tools! Start with a small house, then use more blocks and cubes to make more houses and buildings, and soon you'll have your own village or city with homes, public buildings, parks, and even a mine!


How to play

1、Everything in the game is made up of squares, and players can disassemble anything into a small square.

2, the game contains a large number of character skins, players can buy a variety of character image through gold, to explore the world.

3, and can be synthesized through these props in the life of a variety of tools, adventure exploration.

4, the game contains a large number of people, things players can freely obtain, free combination.

5, the role of movement requires life and strength, players can obtain raw materials through plants or hunting animals to process into food can be used to replenish physical strength and life.

6, you can multiplayer connection for the game, division of labor and cooperation, and their partners together to create a home.


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