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    13 September 2021

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Travel through dense forests, underwater caves and pirate ships in search of your kidnapped sister in this epic platformer. Trample, kick and slash your enemies using 40 melee weapons and a range of moves. Battle pirates, ninjas, giant penguins and more!


- Lots of platforming levels filled with secret rooms

- Parkour style gameplay

- Many challenges and races.

- Unlockable: hats, weapons and trousers!

- World 1 and World 2 can also be unlocked.

- Gamepad support!

- Leaderboards and achievements

- Matchmaker / Hand-drawn art style

Join Fancy Pants Man in this platformer to help you rescue his little sister Cutie Pants from the worst pirates ever.


How to play

Wait for the game to load and press "←, →" to move the character to the door and press "↑" → move the character to the door marked "Start Game" → press "↑" to start the game.

Operation and game tips.

1. Arrow keys "←", "→": control the character to move left and right, long press the left/right keys to run. 

2. Arrow key "↓": crouch down, press "↓" to roll while running. 

3. "S" key: jump, press the jump key repeatedly when landing to jump.

4. Press "↑" at the door to enter the door. 

5. Control the character to move to the spring to bounce up high enough to reach the top step. 

6. Run the character all the way up the curved stone wall, stop control to flip down. 

7. Jump and stomp on monsters with your feet to kill them. 

8. Pick up small gifts to increase stamina. 

9. Collect 100 gifts to add one life.


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