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2015 AD.

 The Chaldean observer of the future of the planet confirms the fact that human history has collapsed since 2017.

 The "promised future" that existed until yesterday, 2115 years ago, has suddenly disappeared without warning.

 Why. WHO. how.

 2004 A.D. Local city in Japan.

 It is said that an "unobservable zone" has appeared here that never existed before.

 Laplace believes this is the cause of human extinction and decides to conduct a sixth experiment, which is still in the experimental phase.

 It is a time travel back in time.

 A forbidden ritual that clarifies or destroys the singularity of space-time by turning humans into spirits and sending them back in time and intervening in events.

 Its name is the Human Protection Directive, the Great Order.

 It is the general term for fighting fate, confronting human history head-on and defending humanity.

Game Overview]

 Easy-to-play command battles optimised for smartphones!

 Players become masters, manipulating spirits to defeat enemies and solve mysteries.

 Whether you fight using your favourite spirit or a powerful one, the fighting style depends on the player.


How to play

The main character (Fujimaru Rika) is the character that the player plays in this game, but the player can customize the name and has two genders to choose from, and the player can change the name and gender at will in the game. Name and gender have no effect on player leveling up, skills, etc. The player can set a birthday once, and the specific birthday will change the attributes of the player's follower, etc. The male Tachika CV is Nobunaga Shimazaki, and the female Tachika CV is Akira Sekine.

The main character is an "outsider" who was brought in to fill a vacancy in the Human Continuity Guarantee Agency (Chaldean)'s Royal Master back-up. In order to rectify the chaos of human history, he uses the Fate summoning system to summon a follower and embarks on a quest for the seven Grail quests (Grand Order).

The main character has a level, and as his level increases, his action power, COST (which affects the number of followers that can be added to the party) and the maximum number of friends increases. Players also have AP (energy), which they need to spend in order to perform their missions.

Battles in this game are part of the quest mechanic and are an integral part of each quest. In Fate/Grand Order, battles are represented by orders given to followers using command cards, and command battles are fought in a turn-based format. The battle is divided into a tactical phase and a command phase, where the follower will attack separately depending on the choice of the master. After your side has attacked, it turns into an enemy action. After the enemy's action, one turn ends. The player can use skills before launching an attack, but certain conditions are required. The game does not have a PVP setting, players need to form a team before battle and can choose a friend or system helper.


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