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    January 25, 2023

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    Luminous Productions
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Forspoken is an adventure role-playing game that will be released on 24 May 2022, developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix.

Forspoken differs from most RPGs in that it features a female character, a young man named Frey, who is drawn by some mysterious force into a beautiful and cruel land called Aishia. Although Aeshia has a magnificent landscape, behind this beautiful face lie many monsters and powerful rulers who block Frai's path. Players will take on the role of the heroine, Frae, and use magic to face the various monsters in this world and find their way home.

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How to play

In this magic-based game, the player plays as the main female character to complete the game's tasks.

Players can freely combine magic to fight and operate a ring menu to switch between spells. Movement is mainly done with magical parkour, which allows for fast advancement, vertical or horizontal movement through ruins, a steel cable move that moves instantly to distant walls, and gravity control to slow down landings, and a variety of combinations of skills. The characters will exist in an open world game format, allowing players to travel anywhere and anytime.


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