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    March 8, 2021

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Conquer the Galaxy Legend with your friends now. Galaxy Legend is a kind of strategy game waiting for a leader like you. Compete with hundreds of players online and have battles with them. Collect prizes and become the final winner. A single or multi-dimension is supported in the battlefield. Beautiful and stunning imagery and interface are provided for players. Tons of combinations of fleets can be set up in the coordinate battles. Join over 100 missions to quest your way and gain rewards. Loads of amazing items are waiting for you to explore. You will play as the Commander and take the reigns. Fight against aliens, enemy outposts, Space Pirates and other unknown looms. Write your own legend in this game right now!


How to play

Each module in the game is created for its own class. You cannot use two modules for the same class. A module can improve one generic feature, or from 0 to 4 special features (depending on the quality of the module). Generic statistics:Apply to all courses, but the level of improvement varies for each course. The level of improvement of generic statistics is proportional to the category. Special features:Upgrades apply only to special types of modules. The level of improvement of special statistics is fixed.

:A certain number of Trident capacitors can be obtained by disassembling the module.

Modules can be redeemed for free, using special items or points several times a day. Each attempt to make improvements may have both positive and negative effects. The maximum positive effect can be maintained. Your device and Galactonite can be linked to strata and saved, and for each stratum you can choose a name. You can edit the formation configuration independently of each other. Select the appropriate formation for editing in Galactonite Center, Fleet Interface, etc. The first configured formation will automatically become the basis for other formations.

Equipment and galactonite used in different formations will have the corresponding item identifiers. Please be careful when trading with them (e.g. selling or deleting). If you have insufficient warehouse space, you may experience overflow when switching formations. In this case, please remove some items first.

For short-term promotions, such as Primus, Primus Invasion and Pandora, players can select the desired formation in the Build screen. If you have more than one flagship, please select the desired flagship, as each formation should have only one flagship.


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