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    10 September 2021

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We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who played! Thanks to your great support, Grand Hotel Madness has been nominated for Google Play User Choice Awards in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and India. Players all over the world need a diversion to find happiness. We're happy to help!

People all over the world need holidays and fun. Some travel for work, and others simply want to relax; they all want a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to have some fun. Now you need to create the most comfortable hotel for them!

Lead Monica and Ted to provide the most satisfying service for your guests. Upgrade each hotel to make them more comfortable, interesting and attractive. You'll be loved and recognised by guests from all over the world!

You must be quick to respond to requests from guests. Entertain all the guests in a timely manner according to their priorities and don't leave any of them out in the cold. When the time is up, the customers will not ask for anything.

Did you get through? Wow, well done, please keep up the good work! Didn't make it the first time? You can try again and use boost props to make the pass easier.

Will your adventure begin in the comfort of the American Hotel? And how will your story develop? Let's wait and see


How to play

- Run a hotel!

Open your hotel all over the world, explore new locations and meet a variety of fascinating guests.

- Complete orders on time!

Use your time management skills! Respond quickly to guests' whims and set priorities to keep them happy.

- Treat your guests to a gourmet meal

Every hotel should offer a variety of cuisines. Serve pasta, coffee, green tea, pizza and sushi to suit all tastes!

- Get likes

Guests will show their appreciation to you by giving you a like. The faster your orders are completed, the more recognition and love you'll get!

- Upgrade!

You can upgrade your kitchen. You can upgrade your kitchen with the gold coins and gems you earn by passing levels.

- Use enhancements!

Reinforcement props not only help you get through the levels, they're fun to use too! Surprise your guests by setting off fireworks into the night sky!


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