Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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    April 13, 2019

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With a high degree of freedom to play, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an ambitious action blockbuster filled with biting satire, engaging characters and a wide variety of gameplay. Explore vividly realistic fictionalized versions of the cities and villages of the American Southwest. You can solve story-driven missions, eat fast food, evade the police or obey every traffic signal - it's up to you to find your own way. This brilliant game masterfully demonstrates Rockstar's unique mastery of open-world design and never fails to entertain.

The game gives you the freedom to play around with activities such as catching other criminals, putting out fires, and administering first aid. The open content of the game has increased, for example, the protagonist can play basketball as well as swimming and even participate in skydiving in the game. The mapping and movements of the game are also relatively more realistic, for example, pedestrians have different automatic movements such as leaning against cars, crouching on the beach, walking hand in hand and chatting face to face. At the same time, the game has more interactive buildings than before, such as bars, banks, convenience stores and casinos. The game also adds more physical characteristics of the protagonist such as hunger, obesity and muscle, these characteristics can be changed in, for example, eating in fast food restaurants or performing various exercises, there are many vehicles in the game, in addition to the general vehicles, but also includes aircraft, helicopters, tankers, bulldozers, jeeps, motorcycles, beach trucks, and even harvesters, so you can see the diversity of vehicles that the series is known for. In this generation and further strengthen. In addition, there are also forests, fields, farms, gorges, farms and other scenes that are different from the city scenery. If you may choose to be a farmer's livelihood, you can also go to Vegas to throw money to experience the life of the god of gambling, and even ride a bike, play basketball. If you don't like the line or dress up, you can also go to the clothing store to buy their favorite clothes to wear, to the barber shop to cut a haircut they like, the game will also change the body with the different ways of eating. The whole plot of the game just provides the fun of the original gameplay.

Join us and you are free to make friends in the game, then revive the gang and develop your own business.


How to play

This game has additional mini-games to increase the fun of the game. For sports there are billiards, basketball, dancing, and for cars you can dance with others by adding hydraulics, and for indoor there are TV games and gambling.

You can use this game to assassinate people and rob them, and you can also rob the vehicles driven by people by force, and you can create a great turmoil and massacre in the city. And this new late night robbery you can use the late night hours in a specific vehicle to steal from houses. If you commit a crime in front of the police will increase the number of police stars, the more stars, the highest number of stars is 6, the number of police officers sent will gradually increase, and eventually will also bring in the military forces. The new gang system will allow you to recruit gang members to fight against rival gangs, as well as to seize the territory of rival gangs. And drug dealers will be mixed in with the pedestrians. You can kill these drug dealers and get a fortune. This added theft system allows you to rob money without alerting the police, you must ride in a specific vehicle and wear a mask to enter the house to rob. And such vehicles can be found across the street from the first friend's house.

There are several attributes of the main character set in the game.

Prestige: High prestige allows you to recruit more men. Prestige is gained by destroying or doing tasks.

Stamina: It determines the sprint time for running, cycling and swimming, and it is strengthened by constant movement.

Muscle: It determines the agility and beauty of movements, and is an important indicator of attraction to certain women.

Obesity: it can increase the damage of attack, while bringing inconvenience to movement. It can be enhanced by eating more fast food.

Sexiness: It affects the way women treat you. Enhance by changing clothing wear and hair style.

In the game you can use backpack jets to shoot in the air or reach places that are inaccessible by climbing. This game also adds street racing and some challenges for players to earn money.

Come and try this "profound and sophisticated" game.

A special reminder that we recommend you to feel the excitement of the game, while recognizing some of the content with bad consciousness, to promote its essence, discard its dross, to the correct, objective attitude to look at it.


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