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The game is located within the "Climbing Canyon" - a vast and expansive canyon where anything can happen.

It's bigger, better and more fun! Hill Climb Racing 2 is a free online multiplayer racing game at your fingertips, which includes dozens of tracks, vehicle and character customization options.

Use many different cars to face new and unique challenges in unique environments. Defeat your opponents and collect huge bonuses to tune your car and reach higher positions. In almost defiance of the laws of physics, Bill Newton won't rest until he's conquered the highest hill!

Bill still likes to spend some time conquering hills, so the original distance-based gameplay can still be enjoyed with multiplayer racing!

Climbing Canyon has several different areas to drive, and between races, you can upgrade your car or buy a new one. At first, you'll only have one car available, but you can gradually buy more cars and even motorcycles. In addition, you can customize your vehicle's paint job, tires, and various details. Unlock new vehicles and choose the one that best suits your racing style! Upgrade and improve your vehicle's performance! Customize your riding gear with a variety of tuning parts that you can mix, match and upgrade separately!

Customize yourself with tons of cool character skins and awesome car paint jobs!

Race in all kinds of environments: dirt, asphalt, snow, etc.! Even on the moon!

Great graphics optimized for high-resolution and low-resolution devices

Challenge your friends to show off your driving skills!


How to play

Perfect starts are available in several game modes in some public events and some team events. This will give you a small boost of acceleration at the start of the race. In addition, if you have a "start booster equipped with tuning components, performing a perfect start will trigger the rocket power of the start booster and put you ahead of the competition. To achieve a perfect start, you must spin the engine by depressing the gas pedal during the countdown. The goal is to raise the RPM gauge so that the needle is located inside the green section. When the countdown is over and the announcer declares " Go!", the green display should glow in a brighter green color on the gauge.

Drive down the road of trophies, earn new medals from cups and use the hard earned money from racing to unlock the ability to buy new cars, bikes, trucks and even epic tanks. With over 20+ vehicles to unlock, choose the one that will climb you up to pole position!

Use coins earned from races to buy upgrades and use them to improve your riding experience. With over 16 unlockable parts to choose from, combine and collect them to improve performance! Mix upgrades in unique ways to maximize your driving ability and be among the top!

Earn and unlock various customization options for your character as well as your vehicle's garage! Look cool while racing and customize your character to your own unique style! Thousands of combinations! Then take it to the next level and customize your car with different skins and rims to make your racer truly unique!

Hill Climb Racing 1's popular adventure mode also makes its return in this sequel! See how far you can travel in this endless race mode! Earn coins to upgrade your vehicle and help you out with online cup modes and multiplayer team events!

Compete with your friends in online races. Create or join a multiplayer racing team and see how high you can go in the leaderboards! Online multiplayer leaderboards and events that change online every week There are plenty of events to participate in! Plus, weekly multiplayer team treasure chests can be unlocked, so there's plenty of incentive to become the team of your dreams and play online with your friends!

Perform stunts, flip and fly your car or try to crash it! With our unique physics-based car simulation, you can discover daring stunts unmatched by other car games! Unlike most racing games, stunts help you improve your performance and unlock more coins for upgrades!

In Cup mode, you play against 3 other online players. Fight it out and make it to the finish line in the fastest time possible! Cup mode allows you to drive and participate in multiplayer games with hundreds of different levels on a variety of terrains.


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