Hop Ball 3D: Dancing Ball

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    Apr 3, 2022

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    Amanotes Pte. Ltd.
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Enjoy the rhythm of music in amazing jumps! Hop Ball 3D: Dancing Ball is a music-based casual game in which players will control the ball to jump on the squares to the rhythm of music until the end of the game!

Do you want to become a rhythm master? Do you want to enjoy the music in the game? Come to Hop Ball 3D and enjoy the challenge! Hop Ball 3D comes from the world's #1 music game publisher with over 1 billion cumulative downloads and is a game loved by music lovers. In this fun game, keep the bouncing ball jumping over the blocks, control the direction of the ball to make sure it lands on each block, and don't forget to enjoy the rhythmic dance music!

This is an adventure and a challenge. As you continue, the levels will become challenging and the squares will start moving back and forth, and you must keep a good rhythm to avoid losing the game. More challenges await you, jump, bounce, hit and drop ballz to create your own beats in the EDM music environment!

Dance together! Roll forward to the sound of music and collect diamonds and stars on the track as you take on the challenge. You can check your score at the top of the screen, the further you go, the higher your score, and keep pushing your limits. You'll also have the chance to get new skins to decorate your bouncing ball and jump your way around the track!

Hop Ball 3D is packed with hit pop songs and will be updated with more tracks non-stop for your enjoyment. Enjoy a seamless musical experience with simple controls in stunning 3D visuals. Beautiful game backgrounds will immerse you where there's no hassle, just fun!


How to play

Hop Ball 3D combines simple gameplay with cool music tracks to create a relaxing and casual gaming environment. In this game, players only need to control the direction of movement of the ball, the ball will automatically jump forward, the goal of the game is to control the ball to accurately land on each square. The whole game process will be accompanied by rhythmic music, through the finger touch the screen to control the left and right movement of the ball, in the music rhythm to reach the end of the game.

Keep your ball moving on the track, if you reach the end of the track, you will consider the level passed, but it is very difficult to do this. The speed of the ball will keep increasing, which not only tests the players' reflexes but also their finger dexterity, and the game will only keep going if your speed keeps up with the rhythm.

There are many levels in the game, and each level is a new challenge. The blocks will not be fixed, it will move back and forth, greatly increasing the difficulty of the game, but of course, as long as you master the direction, the moving blocks will not stop you from moving forward. Sometimes, you will also encounter several different colors of squares, and you can only choose one color to move forward.

In addition to controlling the direction of the ball, players also need to collect stars and diamonds on the track during the game, which will help you unlock more new skins to create a personalized ball.

Throughout the game, you can see your score at the top of the screen, the farther the ball jumps, the higher the score you get, and even in some cases, you will enter a higher level (the stage with 4 stars at the top of the screen), the game will become more challenging!


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