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The game uses a simple one-touch system to control the jetpack. When the player presses anywhere on the touch screen, the jetpack fires and Barry rises. When the player releases, the jetpack closes and Barry drops. Because he is in constant motion, the player cannot control his speed, but only his movement along the vertical axis.

The object of the game is to travel as far as possible, collecting coins and avoiding hazards such as zippers, missiles and high-intensity laser beams. Contact with any such obstacles will result in immediate death, although Barry's corpse will roll and slide an additional distance upon death. As the player travels, golden "spin tokens" occasionally appear, which the player can collect. At the end of each run, these spin tokens are used in the coin machine (one token for one spin), which rewards the player with a variety of rewards, including coins, additional spin tokens, preemptions, player revivals, and explosives. It is possible to push the player's body a further distance after death. If the player does not wish to spin the slot, they can redeem all remaining spin tokens for 50 coins each.

The stash also sells aesthetic upgrades, such as character costumes and different jetpacks. While alternative jetpacks can help with certain tasks (such as traveling long distances without harming any scientists), most of these items do not change the gameplay in any way. Gadgets and vehicle upgrades will also be sold as limited-use utilities. Gadgets provide players with permanent enhancements, but Barry can only equip two gadgets at a time; however, they can purchase one item that



How to play

The game's protagonist infiltrated a mysterious factory and took away the personal rocket craft being developed by the evil scientists. Follow him and use the rocket craft to escape from this mysterious factory. This is also a gorgeous game, the pace of the game will change as you get a variety of props, so you in the fast and slow pace of the challenge of their own reaction speed and decisiveness. The best feature of this game is the various mounts, fierce locomotives, monster teleporters, airships, small stompers, sharpshooters, gravity suits and Mr. Hug. Each kind of mount has its unique role, and of course each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I don't know if you've noticed, every time we mount a different ride, the distribution of lightning in the game will change a lot, today we'll study the "fierce locomotive", to introduce you to the fierce locomotive operation skills.

When we installed the fierce locomotive, you have not found lightning become very little, the middle is almost no, and most of them go to the ground, I believe that many people will feel that the fierce locomotive is too easy to die, are not far to run and do not like. In fact, ferocious locomotives can be very cool. When we just put on the fierce locomotive, the speed is not fast, you can tap the screen to small jump back to avoid the lightning, and the speed is fast, we just need to jump big to make it easier to drive the locomotive well! Because the big jump can generally cross two lightning, the middle of the lightning less, so do not worry too much will hit the middle of the lightning!

Join us in capturing the experimental jet flyer from the evil scientists. Dump bullets, bubble bombs and rainbow bombs and fire lasers during the flight to keep scoring higher!

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