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Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles is a generic term for puzzle games. The game can be called Jigsaw Puzzles.

Solve your favorite jigsaw puzzles anytime, anywhere! Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles offers an unparalleled puzzle solving experience for puzzle lovers of all ages.

Jigty's unique design means that no two pieces are the same shape to provide the most challenging jigsaw experience to date. Did you ever wish you could solve jigsaw puzzles on the go?

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles comes with dozens of different puzzles created from a variety of photos. You will find pictures of animals, landscapes, colors and people. In the jigsaw puzzle settings, you can also choose the exact number of images you want to divide into.

Jigsaw puzzles are full-size art prints that are pasted to the cardboard surface before cutting. The images can be enlarged photographs, paintings, or other types of flat artwork.

Jigsaw puzzles are often based on natural scenery, buildings, and familiar motifs. Castles and mountains are two traditional themes, but any picture or image can be used as a puzzle material. Some companies also offer the service of making jigsaw puzzles from private photography.

It's the puzzle fun we all know and love!


How to play

Jigsaw puzzles are games that solve flat space filling and arrangement puzzles, requiring players to group hundreds of flat pieces with partial patterns printed on them, and put all the pieces together to form a geometric plane (usually a rectangle), which will show the complete pattern.

- Smart design: each piece has a unique shape

- Very simple: easy to use nature surfaces

- Increased difficulty: rotate the puzzle or solve from 4 pieces all the way up to 625 pieces (10" tablet)!

- Kids mode: guide lines and "magnetic" block locking for smaller puzzles

- Hundreds of images: group by theme or customize with your own photos

- Competition pack puzzles: compete globally and track your score on leaderboards


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