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    April 8, 2021

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Dead walkers on the streets. Cruel enemies destroy your land and ruin your resources. The entire world is falling into darkness. Join the warriors now and fight back with players all over the world! Last Empire - War Z is a free mobile strategy game themed on zombies. You need to battle zombies and build cities. Join with other players and team up with friends. Take part in brutal battles, gather resources and grow your city. Game Features:  Social and strategy game - free to play.  Real-time world map - view battles in time.  Train deadly Zombie Troops to destroy your enemies.  Unique characters with special skills and abilities. . Play solo or join other players. Struggle to survive. What's New:  Adjustment for Bomb . New Gift Item . Optimized Interface


How to play

In the world of Last Empire-War Z, you will take the role of a city lord and manage your city. Under your leadership, the city will gradually become powerful. Eventually you will become a king who is admired by all and rule the whole world!

Continuously upgrading buildings, training soldiers, and researching technology are the most effective ways to make your city powerful. Developing the city's resource buildings and gathering resources from the world will lay the foundations of the city. Join an alliance and use the newbie move city to gather with allies to effectively protect your city

Defeating zombies in the world will help the city owner to gain experience quickly. Discussing the game more with your friends will make it easier and more fun to play.

There are 11 map levels in 4 areas in the game for players to choose from. You can specify levels to match players or npc games, or just tap Quick Game to match random levels. You can press R to adjust the difficulty, and you can slowly challenge the limit after familiarizing yourself with the map and the gameplay. You can also customize your character, profession and weaponry. Experience gained in the game allows you to upgrade and unlock career skills or more advanced firearms modules. Which profession and which weapon you use will accumulate experience for that profession and weapon. Through the 4 red skills (unlocked at levels 1, 10, 20 and 30), the career skills are divided into 3 areas. Each area in turn has 3 columns. Each column allows the player to choose one skill to activate. Weapons are divided into 3 levels, corresponding to the shortcut column 1, 2, 3. In other words, you can only equip one of the reconnaissance rifle and shotgun at level 1. For example, if you equip a scout rifle, you will replace your scout rifle if you pick up a shotgun in the game. Guns will gradually unlock modes such as sights and grips as they are used. It will adjust a certain aspect of the firearm's performance. You can also change the look of the firearm by changing the skin. Select any chapter to start the game with your teammates. You can also invite friends to play together in the top right corner. You can also choose the image of your favorite character. You can change the profession for that character. So don't worry about the effect of default occupation on your image choice. Ready to play, match your teammates or npc's and start the game!


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