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    June 9, 2021

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Focus on dress up design with high quality graphics and fun game play. A three-dimensional game experience for girls. Dedicated to the wonders and dreams of girls.

Interesting storyline

The main character Nikki will embark on a magical journey through seven countries with different design styles and develop various stories with designers and stylists from these seven countries. With nearly 300,000 words of dialogue and descriptions, the plot rivals that of a novel!

Tens of thousands of gorgeous outfits

Everyday fashion, European style, antique, dreamy fairy tale, unisex and handsome, future sci-fi ...... covers almost all dressing styles. Players can collect new clothes and enrich their closet by completing in-game tasks every day. With the support of an outstanding team of artists, we are constantly adding new outfits every month to ensure the game keeps up with new trends.

Hundreds of styles to design freely

In our free design mode, players are free to design their own clothes, hair, makeup, accessories, and even change the background and layout to their liking.


By collecting different colors of dyes, players are free to change the color of their clothes. By collecting clothing patterns and decomposing extra clothing, players can personally customize clothing and upgrade simple clothing into more elegant and stylish outfits.

Designer Dress Up Battle

Players can compete and battle with designers from around the world in different dress-up themes. More than ten different "abilities" are available for dress-up battles. Use your "abilities" at the right time to turn the tide!

With Your Friends

Play Players can play the game with their Facebook friends. You can also make new friends by participating in various in-game events.


How to play

Item props

Clothing: Clothing is the most important prop in the game, divided into hair, jumpsuit, jacket, top, bottom, socks, shoes, accessories, makeup and glowing spirit, where socks can be divided into leg ornaments, socks, accessories can be divided into headwear, earrings, neckwear, hand ornaments, handheld objects, waist ornaments, special and skin. Each costume has "simple / gorgeous", "innocent / sexy", "lively / elegant", "warm / cool ", "cute / mature" five major attributes, some clothes have special style labels, such as fairy tale wind, and wind, unisex wind, wedding dress, European classical, Missy, dancer, Chinese classical, Chinese modern, bohemian, rock wind, Gothic wind, Lolita, ethnic wind, military, the future system, the Harajuku system, small animals, forest system, chivalrous alliance, etc.; some tasks in the game have style requirements, if there is no corresponding style of clothing, even if the attributes are good, it is not necessarily possible to score high points.

Skills: Skills can be released in the battle. There are 13 skills such as "warm smile", "charming kiss", "immune to picking", "picky gaze", etc. Each skill can be upgraded with gold coins.

Scene Map

Miracle Continent: The Miracle Continent contains seven major countries, collectively known as the Seven Kingdoms. They are the Apple Federation, Lillith Kingdom, Cloud Empire, Pigeon Kingdom, Northland Kingdom, Wasteland Republic and Ruined Island.

Featured Systems

Achievement system: Achievement system is an important way for players to get diamond gold. There are two kinds of achievement system, one is level achievement and the other is set achievement.

Hut: The hut function is used to arrange furniture and decoration, and you can get the mind vouchers through the life points. This system was launched in the April 2017 version.

World Tour: You can explore every attraction in Marvel Continent. This system was launched on Christmas Eve 2018.


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