MHA: The Strongest Hero

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    May 23rd, 2021

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Action-packed adventures in the touchy-feely world of My Hero Academia! Become the hero you've always wanted to be in the popular anime, bring powerful quirks into battle and fight villains alongside other players!

Experience Toyoi City with its many heroes and heroes-in-training. Stroll the streets, greet the citizens and battle the villains who threaten the safety of the world. Collect your favourite characters from the MHA and create a squad to patrol! Train them, upgrade them, equip them and even feed ...... them (?) to reach the top of the hero rankings!


How to play

Become a hero

Take control of All Might, Bakugo, Todoroki and many others through countless stages in high-intensity battles. Take on the tasks of a professional hero, from protecting people and arresting criminals to saving cats! Become a symbol of peace in a bustling city!

Explosions! Anti-gravity! Sonic Boom! Detroit smash! Fall in love with the incredible graphics and beautifully hand-crafted animations. Pay close attention in battle to unleash your signature moves with cinematic effects through unique mechanics created for each quirk!

Learn the ins and outs of your favourite characters and never lose again! Duel one-on-one in a live PVP arena, taking on opponents with kicks, punches and style. Maximise your combos, minimise your salts, time your abilities and go beyond!

You don't have to fight alone! Find other players in the open world to establish conversations, send emotes and make new friends. Join a union, create your own makeshift hero agency and decorate the Highland League quarters like a gig!

never wondered what it would be like to be one of the bad guys? With Hero Killer Stain and many other characters, those wishing to experience the power of the most fearsome villains in anime now have the chance!

Daily quests, login rewards, special levels, big boss battles and new character releases will keep you coming back for more every day! You've earned the right to stand at the starting line, and the journey has only just begun!

Animation learns from the wacky Deku all the way to Shoot style! Play iconic moments and events from the original series in scenes rendered in-game and voiced by your favourite voice actors!


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