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    November 19, 2021

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Monument Valley 2 is a puzzle game developed by Ustwo and released in 2017, and is the sequel to Monument Valley. If you are a fan of Monument Valley or are looking for a puzzle game, then Monument Valley 2 will be one of your best choices!

Monument Valley 2 inherits the classic style of its predecessor, with fresh and unconventional graphics and puzzling geometric levels to bring players a new puzzle experience. Players will control the actions of Lore and lead her children in the beautiful and mysterious world of adventure and mystery.

In the seemingly beautiful buildings, look for the elaborate organs, which will be the important means to open the next path. With geometric aesthetics such as "concave and convex illusions", "two-dimensional and three-dimensional torsional transformations", and "Drost effects" embedded in each mechanism, you are confident that you can help Lore unlock new structures and puzzles?

In each chapter, you will discover a different and beautiful building, some of which are completely inspired by the real world. Each chapter will provide players with a stunning visual experience, using your powers of observation to unlock the next organ in a building full of mystery.

Monument Valley 2 is a game for everyone, testing players' spatial imagination and observation skills, and you can use it on Android or IOS platforms.


How to play

Monument Valley 2's core gameplay lies in puzzle solving, where players will control Ro's actions and lead her and her children on an adventure through a geometric world full of mystery.

Players need to click to trigger the organ to open the next path, so that Ro successfully reach the end of the level, seemingly simple operation, but quite challenging. In a building full of visual deception, find the hidden organs, is not a simple thing. And as the game continues, the later levels will become more and more difficult, and the buildings become more complex from simple, testing the player's patience and observation.

Monument Valley 2, compared to its predecessor, is not simply to increase the number of levels and difficulty, but to upgrade the details again, whether it is character interaction, background music and game style, are more detailed processing, will give players a better gaming experience!


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