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In my town, the fun starts right after school! So call your school friends and invite your neighbors to meet you at the park, because the fun is about to begin. Ice skating, reading, karate lessons, RC boat sailing, graffiti painting and even shopping. There's lots to do and places to explore. Come and meet all the new characters, explore all the fun locations and have fun creating your own stories.

- 6 locations to explore: the library, karate class, fountain park, pizzeria, pond, and skateboard area.

- 20 characters that you can dress up and customize for your after-school adventures

- Day and night features look great, check out the fountains when the sun disappears

- All My City games are connected to each other to easily move characters and items between games

- Daily gifts and furniture to upgrade your home and closet

- Multi-touch controls so kids can play with friends and family on the same screen.

- Ad-free and child-safe.

4-12 Age range: easy to play for 4 year olds and super exciting for 12 year olds.


How to play

Explore after-school hobbies, playtime and fun:.

After school is the perfect time to do all the things you really love, and My City has the right activities and places for you to explore and enjoy. Be sure to visit the city library, skate park, pizzeria and karate classes. You can relax in the park, visit your karate teacher's house, or even create some graffiti.

Create your own story.

You can choose what your afternoon looks like. My Town: After school there are 6 locations including the pond, skate park, library and karate dojo. You will find many new costumes, animals and exciting new characters. Because My City games are all connected and allow you to move characters and costumes between games, there is no limit to what you can imagine, create and play.


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