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The local neighborhood babysitter is always busy taking care of everyone else's kids! In My City: Babysitter, you can be the babysitter for the day, dress up the baby for the park, play kids' games in the living room, run your own baby daycare, and more. Because My City games are all networked, you can even take the train to other places to take care of your child.

Role play, exploration and fun times!

My City is a children's game designed to create a fun and stress-free environment where kids can use their imagination to create fun stories. Each day is a new adventure with many new characters, costumes and customization.

Recommended age group

My City Games is a wonderful game for children ages 4-12. Our children's games promote imagination and exploration. My City's fun kids games are safe to play even when parents are not in the room. No ads.

Multi-touch support, so kids can play with friends and family on the same screen!


How to play

Role-play storytelling game for kids with awesome real-life locations. My City Nanny comes complete with a nanny house, daycare center and local children's store.

- Lots of new babies and fun characters.

- A baby store with cool bed lights, strollers, and even a trampoline to take home!

- Babysitter has a super special secret room, go discover it!

- Use the subway to take care of kids all over town!

- Daycare centers with awesome toys and games that kids love!

- Night and day options.

- Games connect to other My City games and move characters, costumes and items between games as if they were one big game!


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