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Shadow Fight 2 is an online action game that offers you the opportunity to equip your character with deadly weapons. Its users have already reached 40 million. Shadow Fight 2 lets you equip your character with countless titles, introducing several new elements to the series. The game allows you to equip your character with countless deadly weapons and rare armor, and features dozens of life-like animated martial arts! Crush your enemies, defeat the demon leader, and become the one to close the door to the shadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, and jump your way to victory with dramatic annihilation? There's only one way to find out ......

Get caught up in epic battle sequences, rendered in stunningly realistic detail through a new animation system.

-An all-new battle interface, designed for the touch screen, to destroy enemies with intuitive controls.

-Travel through six worlds filled with sinister demons in this action-packed, adrenaline-filled combat RPG with an immersive, captivating storyline.

-Customize your warrior with epic swords, armored suits, magical powers and more.



How to play

Players start without weapons, but as they level up, they can unlock more advanced weapons, armor and helmets such as long-range weapons, magic and multiplayer modes in which players work together to defeat various leaders of the Underworld. In the single-player campaign, there is only one warrior named "Shadow" who, after opening the Shadow Gate (a gateway to the "Shadow World") and being exposed to shadow energy, is transformed into a faceless silhouette. To recover his lost honor and flesh, the Shadow must find six demons in the world that escaped from the Shadow World after opening the door and defeat them in battle.

The game allows you to equip your character with countless deadly weapons and rare armor, and features dozens of life-like animated martial arts techniques! Crush enemies and defeat demon bosses. Enjoy kicking, jumping, punching and slashing your way to victory! join this game and start fighting now! The road to victory. Focus on epic battle sequences, rendered in realistic detail with a new animation system. Defeat your enemies with intuitive controls thanks to a newly designed combat surface. Travel through six different worlds filled with immersive and interesting stories. Customize your own armor sets, magical powers, and become the one who closes the Shadow Gate, and much more.

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