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SimCity BuildIt is an innovative version of the SimCity series.

Welcome, Mayor! Design and create beautiful and bustling cities and become the hero of your own city. As your city grows larger and more complex, you'll need to make all the decisions you can. Make wise choices, keep your citizens happy, and your skyline will grow bigger. Trade, chat, joust with other mayors, and join clubs. Build your extraordinary city!

Build a city warehouse to unlock it, initially with a capacity of 40, which can be increased with a specified number of three props (warehouse camera, warehouse lock and warehouse pole), up to a maximum of 700. build other stores to make more building materials; in recent versions, stores can be upgraded to reduce the production time of building materials once a certain level is reached [Video 1]. The mayor can select building materials for sale in the trade warehouse and get simcoins for successful sales. The mayor can also choose to go to the global trade headquarters and use simcoins to buy needed building materials and items. By listening to the needs of the citizens and planning the construction they want, the Sims will be able to improve their happiness index and pay more taxes. You can improve the mayor's resilience through disaster training and get a gold key upon completion. When a cargo ship order is delivered, collect a specified amount of building materials within a specified time and receive a gold key upon completion. You can build, upgrade or demolish roads. Once the government is established, SimCash can be obtained by meeting the city's achievement requirements and by participating in the mayor's contest to obtain the platinum key, which cannot be obtained with SimCash or other means, to purchase platinum-level city development buildings. When the city reaches its limit, it needs land expansion, which can be done with a specified number of three props (bulldozer exhaust, bulldozer wheel and bulldozer shovel


How to play

Bring your city to life

Build skyscrapers, parks, bridges, and more! Lay out buildings with a strategic vision to keep tax revenues up and cities growing. Solve real-life challenges such as traffic and pollution. Provide social services such as power plants and police stations. Keep the traffic flowing with major roads and trams.

Put your imagination on the map

Build a Tokyo, London or Paris-style neighborhood and unlock exclusive landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Explore new technologies in the city of the future and compete in sports arenas. Embellish your town with rivers, lakes and forests, and expand your city along the beach or hillside. Unlock new geographic areas with their own unique architectural styles, such as sunny islands or frigid fjords. You'll always find new and exciting ways to make your town unique.

Your way to victory

Protect your city from monsters in Club Wars or compete against other mayors. You can strategically cooperate with other members of the Mayor's Club and declare war on other cities. Once the battle begins, unleash devastating disasters on your opponents, such as the "Disco Whirlwind" and the "Plant Monster". Each of these valuable rewards can be used in battles or to improve your city. In addition, you can challenge other players in mayoral competitions. Complete weekly challenges and move up the league rankings. Each new season brings new and unique rewards that can beautify your city!

Cooperation and Teams

Join the Mayor's Club and exchange supplies with other members to discuss strategy and available resources. Collaborate with each other to help others accomplish their visions, and they will help you accomplish yours. Expand your city, work together, lead other mayors, and make your city come alive!


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