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Sky: Children of the Light is a Social Adventure game developed by thatgamecompany and released on iOS with July 18, 2019. In the game world of Sky: Children of the Light, players will embark on a beautiful and splendid journey to follow in the footsteps of the ancestor spirits ......

The most important feature of Sky: Children of the Light is that all players can find a partner in the game world to join them on their journey. Sky: Children of the Light will allow you to meet new people, but it will also support you to play with friends you know. In this magical land, join hands with your loved ones, pick up courage and faith and embark on a fantastical and surprising social adventure together; companionship makes the road less lonely in the pursuit of light and dreams.

The soft and healing graphics and the vast and free space to explore will bring a new gaming experience to every player.


How to play

The main part of the game consists of 6 basic levels and 1 challenge level. Each of the 6 basic levels or scenarios has a goal that can be considered as a main quest, where the player has to follow the footsteps of the ancestors to learn various moves and collect the wing light and candle flame that are scattered all over the place. The Winged Light can be used to upgrade the Flight Energy slot, while the Candlelight can be used as currency. Eventually the player will make their way through the challenging eye of the storm, sending the Winged Light collected along the way to the centre of the storm, before reincarnating and embarking on another quest.

Once the basic beginner's tutorial is over and players learn to run and jump, they will begin to encounter other players. There will be up to 8 players in a small scene, and these 8 players are random players from all over the world, so even if you are sitting face to face with your friends, you may be assigned to a different scene if you have not friended them beforehand. There is no way to know who the other players around you are until you become friends, as there is no nickname function in the game, only after you have sent a candle and become friends with another player, you can each pick a name for the other player, which will always be displayed in the game afterwards. Even messages left at specific locations via paper boats and candles will not leave a name. All players will interact in this familiar stranger mode.


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