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    January 12, 2021

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Do you like your current life? Do you want to try a different way of life? Stardew Valley is a simulation game developed by ConcernedApe and released in 2016. It's a game that brings peace to your heart, where players will experience a farm with blue skies and green meadows, and experience the farm Life is fun!

When you feel the pressure of life and work, you decide to leave the bustling city and start a new life. You inherited your grandfather's farm in the countryside, a place that has been abandoned for a long time, and your new life will start in this place, do you have the confidence to make this dilapidated meadow into a prosperous farm?

This is a long process, you must start from eradicating the weeds, step by step to build buildings on this land. Build chicken coops, build houses, plant crops, raise poultry, use all methods to increase the profitability of the farm and expand your site with the money earned to create a larger farm.

In addition to planting and building buildings, you can do anything you want here and experience country life like on a real farm. Fish at the lake, explore the caves, mine minerals, interact with NPC characters, or even pick up a weapon and fight monsters ...... Many unexpected things will happen here that will bring more fun to your farm life.

Stardew Valley uses a classic pixel style, the game graphics are very retro, but the interesting gameplay does not make people feel boring, it is because of this unique game graphics to attract more players. stardew valley is a free world, where you will experience a carefree life! Do you want to relax yourself? Join Stardew Valley now and experience a paradisiacal life!



How to play

Players will play as a farmer in Stardew Valley, experience their own farm and more interesting stories happen. When the player first enters the game, the player will create a game character and freely choose the character's gender, hair style, clothing and other appearance, and once the character is created, the game can begin.

Stardew Valley provides players with several different types of game maps, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and players are free to choose. Regardless of the map, the player's game objective and process are similar. At the beginning the farm is a wasteland, the player must clear the land of weeds, rocks, stumps and other obstacles, and only after clearing all obstacles can the next step of farming begin.

By planting crops and raising poultry, players can gain money to expand the scope of the farm. The larger the scope, the more you plant and raise, the more you gain, and you can also build your own residence or a house for npc characters to live in on the map. The game is divided into 4 seasons and crops are specified in which season they can be planted, but later in the game players can create greenhouses to grow crops that do not belong in that season.

The game character has the setting of stamina and energy value, the character will consume energy value when moving anywhere outside the house, and can restore the energy value by returning to rest inside the house. And when the character is attacked or bumped outside, the life value will be reduced. Players should try to preserve the character's life value and energy value, otherwise the character will not be able to carry out activities.

In addition to running a farm, players can also go to other places to explore. For example: explore caves to find ores, encounter monsters in the wild, interact with npc characters, etc.

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