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    10 June 2021

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It's been six months since the Walking Dead zombie pandemic. The virus that survived has infected the entire city. Six months of terror and fighting zombies. Your friends are fighting a brave battle against the monsters. Build a city that resists zombie attacks. Welcome to the state of survival. Get ready for a strategic defence survival game!

The zombie epidemic has destroyed the country and dismantled civilisation. It's time to survive and the surviving armies and governments have moved into underground combat operations. The ground now belongs to the zombies. It's time to fight the zombies and monsters with survival strategies. The epidemic is spreading faster and faster and the people need heroes! The only goal is to stay alive!

In this horror shooting adventure, you can choose to fight against zombies or other survival partners. Death is coming and this battlefield is only for shooting heroes to fight in defence, so build an army!

Do what you can to survive this gruesome shooting war. Winning won't be easy. Zombies are everywhere. Resources are scarce and you must save everything from this chaotic society. Build new cities, new formations and strategies to survive in this MMORPG. Become a zombie hunter!

Beyond that is a whole new world. A new multiplayer adventure shooter! Build an army strategy and create your own story. You can place bombs or shoot natural disaster zombies! Collect gold, coins and everything you need to survive in this age of destruction. Guns aren't always needed, you must build a powerful army! Aim to shoot zombies and end the nightmare of a survival RPG MMO infected world!

This "famous" game has been trusted and commissioned by Kingsgroup Holding for NPH Funtap to be released in Vietnam.


How to play


Build your base, create a safe haven for survivors of war and lay the foundations for your post-apocalyptic world. It's time to realise your strategy! Battle against the zombie virus war defence! It's time to fight the war for survival!


Rescue survivors from the battle to increase the number and strength of your shooting survival force in this horrific adventure. Find people with special abilities who will become heroes in the fight against the epidemic! It's time for the Zombie Apocalypse Tactical Survival Shootout!


The zombie army is rapidly mutating. Do what you can to understand it and develop your strategy before the invasion. Whoever controls the epidemic controls the world of tactical warfare!

make friends with as many as you can

The more the merrier. Make allies and build strategic partnerships to survive the nightmare of a zombie-infested wasteland. Join the army of shooters and crush anyone who tries to take advantage of you in tactics.


This is Humanity 2.0. is where you will re-establish the rules of human progress. This is a shooter strategy game against zombies and monsters. Defend and fight for your empire!!!


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