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    May 7, 2022

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    ZPLAY HC Games
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Survival Game Master is a survival game based on the Korean drama squid game. I believe that most players are familiar with this drama, as it has attracted the love of viewers from all over the world with its unique plot story, and some of them are also curious about the survival game in the drama.

Squid game tells the story of a group of poor people living in poverty in order to get more wealth, and came to a mysterious place, where the levels are made according to childhood games, who can successfully pass these levels will be able to get the final cash prize, and the final winner is only one.

Survival Game Master, as in the film and television series, the participants must rely on their own efforts to break through the many obstacles, and ultimately win the game. You will play the role of the game organizer, gather a large number of participants, let them play their wisdom and ability to overcome other participants, to win the final prize for you. Although facing a variety of complex levels, the game brings unlimited fun, it is a challenging process, but also a process of victory over themselves, you can become the ultimate winner of the game?

Games from childhood, 123 wooden man, tug of war, playing marbles and so on, can you keep your determination in the face of familiar mini-games. Although they look easy, you can only understand what it's like if you experience them yourself. Here, time is limited and you must compete for every chance you get, because if you let up, you'll give away the prize.

Survival Game Master has a minimalistic game style with simple graphics that give a relaxing feeling. The exciting and interesting level adventure brings unexpected fun. Are you ready to be a part of it? Join the game now to experience the exciting adventure in Squid game!



How to play

Survival Game Master is a survival game, but unlike most survival games, it looks very easy and simple. In fact, it's a survival game for everyone that is easy to play and still challenging, so when you're ready to join the fun, read on.

In this game, you don't play as a contestant, but as the game's organizer who recruits more people to participate in the challenge. They are also a group of homeless and poor people who are about to go on an exciting adventure with you gathering them. Your aim is the same as these contestants, to earn more wealth.

At the beginning of the game, you have to recruit the homeless wanderers and guide them to the different competition venues. In order to help you earn more, you have to eliminate the less capable contestants and leave those who have real strength. When you have earned enough money, you can start planning for the next step.

Building a bigger field is your game goal, and recruiting staff to help you manage it so that you don't have to guide participants to the field yourself and have more time to build new fields.

Survival Game Master is created with the hottest squid game of the moment as its theme, but the simulation gameplay pulls away from most games of the same genre, with a unique gameplay that hides a wealth of fun. It's still a challenge, but it's more of a test of your time management skills and strategic abilities.

It's time to build a challenge kingdom, so start recruiting more participants now!

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