Talking Pierre the Parrot

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    April 30, 2018

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    Outfit7 Limited
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Talking Pierre is in the house! Are you ready to listen to a great guitar jam? Now that Pierre can play "Smoke on the Water", help him play the strings!

Join the fun free Talking Pierre app and have a blast! He can repeat the user's words and make his own sentences, and not only that!

This genuinely friendly and talking parrot is really something, and he's ready to do all the fun things in the world with you! He can repeat your words, he can make his own new sentences, he can play rock 'n' roll like a real guitarist and he can dodge tomatoes like a pro!

Join the full version of the Talking Pierre app to experience even more fun, with new animations and responses in this version!


How to play

Talk to Pierre: He'll repeat the user's words and make up his own sentences!

Play with Pierre: try hitting him with a tomato, listen to him play rock music on his guitar like a man possessed, or let him throw knives at you!

Interact with Pierre: rub his belly, poke him, or make him jump around in just the way you want!


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