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Players run and chase bandits and explore the fun and endless running world of Talking Tom Gold Run! This cool running game is all about racing, jumping, sprinting and instant access to epic adrenaline rushes!

Running action: this amazing endless runner is available for free for your epic fun! Hunting down gold thieves and unlocking new world bandits is an amazing adventure! Who has everything you need to run around the world and win? Anyone can be the best runner with enough running and racing ability. It's time to go for the gold! Players can also complete missions to earn rewards!

Bandit Run: Sneaky raccoon thieves have stolen the gold! Players can recover gold bars and use them to build and upgrade amazing houses! Finished houses will unleash new worlds for them to explore and race through! Let's play together!

Raccoon Boss: The big raccoon bosses will do their best to stop the players! They must run and dodge obstacles and bring down the bandit's truck in an awesome boss fight. Kicking pepper bombs at him will make him finally give up!

Special Characters: With the help of special characters, players can run faster and do some cool tricks! Princess Angela, Hank the Shark and Super Tom to the rescue! The best endless running fun is in Find Tom Gold!



How to play

Explore this endless runner and help "Tom Cat" and "Angel Cat" chase the robbers and get your coins back! Explore new worlds, different ways to run, and get more power whenever and wherever you want. Running will pay off - you will be able to build your dream home from scratch ......

Take you on a race to hunt down Rakoonz - a group of nasty bandits whose mission is to run and chase the bandits and get your gold medal back among the best endless runners! Get ready to run, gallop and race through the streets in a fun-filled chase.

Everything in this endless runner will be a sensation - beautifully detailed visuals, icy tunes, and constant surprises in a dynamic environment. Playing as Tom's fuzzy friend pulls the fun up a notch.

The best endless running fun is in Find Tom Gold!

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