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This is a world of adventure, full of unknown dangers and challenges. When fierce monsters appear in front of you, take up your weapons and fight back! Terraria is a sandbox simulation game developed by Re-Logic and released on May 16, 2011. It is a free and open game world where players can not only build various buildings but also explore freely in a randomly generated 2D world.

When you enter an open sandbox game, what kind of interesting story will happen to you here? It's a free and open platform where you can use the resources you have to create anything, be it a house, a castle, a table, or even an offensive weapon, where you have unlimited opportunities to create everything.

Collect resources to build more things, so you need to constantly explore the map and discover new things. The process is adventurous and challenging. When you enter a dark cave, you may encounter monsters and an exciting battle begins. Explore the above-ground and underground worlds, from the deep lush forests to the dark dungeons, a journey into the unknown awaits you!

There are over 400 enemies to fight and 20 distinctive NPC characters to interact with in Terraria. There is no clear goal, and you can accomplish everything exactly as you see fit. Whether it's becoming a master builder or exploring the diversity of biomes, you'll have an unforgettable experience.

Terraria uses a 2D pixel style, and the retro game graphics give players a special feeling. If you like sandbox games like Minecraft, then I believe Terraria will also bring you a lot of game fun.



How to play

Terraria is an open sandbox game, similar to Minecraft, in which players can create items and explore freely. Unlike Minecraft, Terraria focuses more on exploration and combat.

When players first enter the game, a game map will be created, and once they enter the map, the real adventure begins. Like Minecraft, players will need to cut down trees, collect useful ores and other resources on the map. Wood and ore are important construction resources that can be used not only to build houses and build furniture, but also to make weapons such as bows and arrows and wooden swords.

In order to collect more resources, players need to explore more areas. Generally speaking, a varying number of treasure chests and jars will appear in the player's birthplace, containing weapons, potions, wood and other resources. And the kind of items that will be acquired depends entirely on the player's luck.

The character in the game has a life value and magic value setting. When the character is attacked by monsters, the life value will be reduced. The initial life value is 100, when the life value is 0, the game character dies. The initial magic value is 20, which can be increased by magic crystals and special accessories. In addition to the above methods, players can also use specific props to enhance the life value and magic value.

In addition to day and night, the game is also divided into the above-ground world and the underground world. Relatively speaking, the surface life is relatively simple, will not encounter ferocious monsters, while the underground world hides more danger, giant slimes, skeletons, worms and other monsters will appear here. But one of the benefits of the underground world is that there are more opportunities to obtain rare resources here.

In addition to monsters, players will also encounter many NPC characters in the game heavy, you can interact with them, or build houses for them to live in, NPC characters will provide more services after moving in.

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