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    15 February 2021

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Welcome to Toca Hair Salon 4 - a salon where you are free to be creative and create the most imaginative looks! Each attempt is a surprising exploration: you can choose any character and make it look the way you've always dreamed of, or just experiment with props and see what you get. Makeup, face painting, hair and beard props, the list is endless!

Toca Hair Salon 4 is available as a free join and offers four complete stations: a hair and beard station, a styling station, a photo station and a shampoo station. The in-app shop is prepared with a wide range of make-up stations and content packs, including clothing, accessories and stickers that can be purchased. The shop is regularly updated, so keep an eye out!


Toca Boca is a game studio that makes great digital toys for children. We believe that playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. That's why we make digital toys and games that help to stimulate children's imagination and that parents can play with their children. Best of all - our games are safe, with no third party advertising or in-app purchases.


How to play

Hair and beard station

Style your hair as you wish, any part of your head can grow back! This styling station offers heated hairdressing tools for curling, straightening and styling; plus colourful dye bottles for colouring hair in a variety of colours. What unique looks will your creativity bring?

Colour Station

Welcome to the Colour Station, giving your salon even more versatility! This styling station has a very wide range of colours and types of make-up. You can brush on thick lashes with mascara, then use the eyeliner, eyeshadow or blush tools to give a complete look! Use the face painting tool to draw various patterns on your character's face. What ideas do you have?

Styling Station

Hundreds of looks to choose from to create a new look like no other! With a wide range of outfits, fun stickers, glasses and hats, use these accessories to dress your character up as a star with personality.

Photo Station

Choose a backdrop and take great photos of your character as they strike various poses! You can also save photos of your character in an album and come back later to style them more.

Shampoo station

Choose a shampoo for your character, shampoo, towel off and blow dry, and the paint and make-up on your character's face will slowly disappear!


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