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    February 2, 2021

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As a valiant warrior, maintaining the shrine of the spirits is your duty. Although you have died in battle, your soul will always guard the order of the temple!

Valheim is an adventure game that combines sandbox, building, and combat elements to create a huge fantasy world inspired by Viking and Norse cultures. Players will take on the role of Viking warriors who have died in battle and have to hone themselves in harsh environments in order to continue guarding the proper order of the pantheon of spirits.

From dense forests to snow-capped mountains, you will experience many trials. Explore dangerous areas and collect useful resources to craft weapons, hard armor and sharp daggers will help you survive some of the dangers. The further you get from the center of the temple, the greater the challenge you face, and the more valuable resources you can find to use to build forts, dwellings, castles, and more, as well as to acquire ingredients to make a variety of delicacies.

This is a huge randomly generated world, full of unknown surprises and dangers. You will encounter all kinds of wild animals and legendary magical species, and the rich battle system will bring you an exciting game experience! Keep exploring this mysterious land, surviving the extreme environment and proving your strength to the gods.

This is a one-man adventure, but it can also be an adventure for several people. You can invite your friends to join you and fight together in a challenging environment to create amazing legends.

Valheim adopts a distinctive painting style, the game graphics are not particularly exquisite, but the light and shadow effects in the game are handled appropriately, and players can get a better gaming experience from it. In addition, Valheim's sandbox construction gameplay is a great feature of the game, and for players who like to build, Valheim is also a good choice.



How to play

When players first enter the game, they can create a game character by themselves, customize the character's gender, skin color, hair style and other attributes, and set a character nickname after creating the character, then they can officially enter the game.

Players will explore the randomly generated map and collect useful resources. Like most building games, players have to cut down trees in the game, the difference is that in this game, players have to cut down trees, cut branches, cut trunks, and cut trunks into two halves and two halves and then cut each other in order to become collectable wood in turn. Although the process is a little longer, but the strong sense of combat presented when cutting down trees can make the player deeper into it.

Of course, in addition to wood, there are many resources that can be collected in the game, not only to make weapons, build houses, but also to cook dishes. When building houses, players have to consider the gravity of various materials, waterproof and other issues. Through food lure, weapons attack, players can get the meat of animals, and even bring the animals back home to raise them to make them produce cubs, to solve the source of food from the root.

The game provides players with 4 maps with different scenes, namely grassland, swamp, forest and snowy mountain. Different scenes have different groups of creatures and weather systems, and each scene has a big boss, players can use tools such as axes to fight them, and weapons made of different materials will cause different degrees of damage. If the player is unfortunate enough to die during the battle between the two sides, they will lose all the supplies they have collected and will only be able to go to the point of death to collect them after re-animating.

Valheim supports multiplayer adventures in addition to single player mode, players can create a world and let their friends join it, supporting up to 10 people online.

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