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    Jan 19, 2023

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A giant zombie tsunami is coming! Create a giant zombie horde in Zombie Tsunami, a horizontal scrolling endless runner developed by French studio Mobigame, formerly known as Zombie Carnaval. The game features zombies as the main characters, and players need to control the movement of zombies to avoid obstacles, collect coins, until the completion of the entire level content.

Zombie Carnaval has over 300 missions to devour, and includes 10 crazy bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs and more. Help you solve more obstacles by raising your Zombie Birds and using their special abilities. Want to build a huge team? You can do it by devouring all the pedestrians you encounter throughout the game, making them your own, and gradually a larger team will help you clear more obstacles. The stronger your team is, the stronger your life force will be!

Zombie Carnava also has different types of zombies that you can spend coins on to upgrade them!

Zombie Carnava's entire game graphics and game characters are 3D rendering 2D effect style, bright game graphics to bring people a refreshing feeling. Unlike the gory image of zombies in the past, the zombies in Zombie Carnava are as comical as in Plants vs. Zombies, and the simple and interesting game content is one of its biggest features, so it is a game for most people.


How to play

Zombie Carnava is a zombie-themed parkour game, the whole game is very simple and very interesting. In the game players can click on the screen to control the zombie jump, the track will appear large and small gullies and other obstacles, depending on the situation, the player can long press the screen to make a big jump (across a larger distance), or click to complete a small jump. In addition to the above simple and ordinary obstacles, the game will also appear more challenging obstacles, such as a variety of bombs and the sudden appearance of aircraft and cars, very test the player's reaction ability.

In the process of moving forward, you can let your zombies infect passersby, and then they will become part of the zombie horde. Note that there are some parked vehicles on the road, when the number of your zombies is less than the number on the vehicle, immediately jump over, otherwise all will be killed.

Of course, in addition to the dangerous traps, the game also provides players with unexpected surprises. For example, a box with a question mark. When your zombies eat this box, they will gain some extra abilities, which may help you increase the number of zombies or may help you eliminate obstacles in a unique way. In short, don't let your zombies miss the box with the question mark.

You can check the current number of zombies by looking at the top left corner. More zombies will help you get more chances to survive, because each zombie is an individual in Zombie Carnava game and you may only lose one or two zombies when you encounter traps. When the number of zombies in the top left corner is 0, it means the end of the game.

Players will keep accumulating the water level in the potion bottles after completing the level missions, and once the potion bottles are filled up they will be upgraded and the player will be rewarded with a sum of gold coins. Gold coins, as the currency in the game, can be used to buy different props to make the game more interesting. The game also provides a lottery, you can draw once after collecting 100 heads.


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